25-45 Sharps Swine Smasher 100 Grain Dead Tough Cartridge (20 Cartridges)

25-45 Sharps Swine Smasher 100 Grain Dead Tough Cartridge (20 Cartridges)


(35 customer reviews)

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Presenting the Sharps Swine Smasher, a revolutionary new hog dedicated load that will change the way your AR platform rifle brings home the bacon! Beginning with the powerful 25-45 Sharps cartridge, we’ve developed a hog specific projectile using technology primarily reserved for the Safari market. This 100 grain Dead Tough™ bonded core beauty incorporates controlled expansion and straight line penetration to provide quick humane kills on the biggest, nastiest hogs you can find. Utilizing the time proven energy transfer provided by the increased striking surface area of a round nose Dead Tough™ bullet you will clearly experience the difference in stopping power in the field.

can easily convert your standard AR platform rifle to the more powerful 25-45 Sharps cartridge with a simple SRC barrel replacement, while still utilizing your standard 5.56mm / 223 Rem. bolt face and magazines.Or you can enjoy the benefits of the 25-45 Sharps significantly increased power by simply purchasing a complete upper or complete rifle package from SRC.

Compare the energy figures in the accompanying chart for yourself; we think you will agree the 25-45 Sharps Swine Smasher load provides the most hog stopping power in its class.

Our Swine Smasher factory ammunition has been improved with a redesigned 100 grain Dead Tough round nose bullet. As a result, this cartridge will fit and feed when used in any magazine, whether it be PMag, HexMag or the metal USGI.

Ballistic Coefficient – .213 for all velocity boundaries
Sectional Density – .216

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Weight 3216.000002836 oz

35 reviews for 25-45 Sharps Swine Smasher 100 Grain Dead Tough Cartridge (20 Cartridges)

  1. M Rivera (verified owner)

    As Always, another Great product from SRC. Great service to.

  2. Steven Andrew Bosse (verified owner)

    All I got to say is wow I love this ammo it does everything they say it would do and then some tested it out to few hundred yards and it’s accuracy was extremely good and the damage it does to a hog is unreal. I’m stuck in this load and am excited to say I’m staying with this company because not only they make excellent stuff but also have an extreamlly nice and they will answer all your question that you have.

  3. Roger (verified owner)

    I’ve fired none of this yet, overall appearance is excellent and as advertised.

  4. Joe T. (verified owner)

    I have not shot any of the rounds yet but they sure did arrive quickly. Its a very impressive looking round and I cannot wait to see it in action.ill be looking forward to getting more Sharps products in the future. Keep the innovations coming!!

  5. John Clifton (verified owner)

    Have not tried yet but look effective.

  6. Joseph Millar (verified owner)

    Always excellent service when ordering products through Sharps

  7. Bur (verified owner)

    Not had a chance to use this ammo but received order promptly. Round looks very high quality and should do the job on hogs!

  8. Aundre Hernandez (verified owner)

    I haven’t had the opportunity to hunt with this round but I feel that the sharps company is doing enough to get this cartridge in the mainstream, it would be nice to see clear gel bulistics tests and hunting on whitetail deer ect.

  9. Tom Minton (verified owner)

    Made a long review extolling the performance of your weapons, ammo and service. Survey kept asking me to go back and fill out more info until I lost the whole interview. Recommend survey be seriously shortened to one block and ask people to make comments on anything they liked or disliked or recommended to change

  10. Gonzalo Alonso (verified owner)

    Awsome customer service

  11. Don Adams (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, I am looking forward to trying these out.

  12. johnny Darville (verified owner)

    Great round, I love the way it put the biggest hogs down. I call it the ONE HIT WOUNDER!! I need two more boxes.

  13. Ronald Davidson (verified owner)

    High quality barrel. Shoots very accurately.
    Fast shipping and excellent customer service. I will be purchasing more items.

  14. John Mihalik (verified owner)

    Shot the 70’s but not the 87’s or 100’s.
    Shoots good and seems accurate.

  15. Richard Craig (verified owner)

    This us the 5th or 6th order I’ve placed with your Company and the items have always shipped promptly and arrived in quick order. I also find all of your products to be first rate. A well done to you!

  16. Donald Thompson (verified owner)

    Excellent round Based on literature as well as information provided by individuals who have already tested it! Still need to test it

  17. CASEY BITNER (verified owner)

    great customer service even better products

  18. Mark Galpin (verified owner)

    I shot the Smasher at 100yds from a rest and all three were touching and a little low from the zero of the 87gr and 70gr.
    Wind was about 10 to 15 mph and did not seem to bother the round at all.
    Recoil was nice, hardly any.

  19. Ted Cole (verified owner)

    I’m check these out soon

  20. Phil Whitehead (verified owner)

    Functions beautifully, shoots straight, what’s not to love??

  21. Doug McLeod (verified owner)

    Shot dead on behind the 87 grain bullet, of course it hit a little lower at 100 yards, can’t wait to hit a deer with one.

  22. Douglas Vollmer (verified owner)

    works GREAT…goes bang every time. The 25-45 a powerful round, now it has more potential on larger game animals.

  23. Joshua (verified owner)

    Shoots well no issues

  24. william lawton (verified owner)

    This bullet does exactly as it’s name inplies. A well placed shot behind the ear and it’s “by by piggy”, hello pig roast.

  25. Jim (verified owner)

    Shot 1″ left & 1/2″ low of the 70 gr Sierra’s @ 100yds – couldn’t ask for more. Now, if us reloaders could just get hold of some of the 100 gr Dead Tough bullets…

  26. Jacob Loewen (verified owner)

    Awesome round and fast shipping and definitely gonna do business again..

  27. Richard Bean II (verified owner)

    Cartridge looks good, if it has the same quality as the rifle, then all should be good

  28. andre alston

    converted AR 15 bought the barrel, kit and 100 rounds, have not looked back. Great performance.

  29. Daniel (verified owner)

    Bought 200rnds for a hog trip. First shot was on a 300lb Boar. Plugged him broad side and dropped him like a bad habit. Didnt move 2 feet. Great cartridge. Only down side is feeding from a magazine. Little rough.

  30. Joey Hogan (verified owner)

    Been through several hundred rounds of this ammo and it is high quality. Very consistent with accuracy and the expansion is fast. I use on hogs from small to large and have had no issues with the lethality.

  31. Jean P (verified owner)

    Look really cool

  32. Ryan Carey (verified owner)

  33. Rodney Packard (verified owner)

    Good delivery in great shape. Look forward to sending them down range.

  34. Nelson Santiago (verified owner)

    Love this 25-45 caliber!

  35. Kevin Cavaretta (verified owner)

    The round is deadly and Sharps is certainly one of the best companies I have ever dealt with…….service is second to none. The upper I purchased is amazing!! Love this caliber!!! The only problem I have and therefore could not give it the 5 star rating is the feed from a magazine. I tried several mags and could not feed three rounds without a jam? My lower is a 556 Sig and never has any problems with those rounds or any of the other rounds from Sharps!! The 87gr is my go to round and does amazing with head shots on the hogs!! Very accurate, as is the 70gr!! Can’t commit to the Swine smasher…..if I cant trust the feed, and the price is a bit strong to have this kind of concern…. Still, it pains me to put 3 stars with anything to do with this company…..They are fantastic!!!!

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