Cosmetically Blemished 25-45 Sharps 87 Grain Hot-Cor Cartridge (20 Cartridges)

Cosmetically Blemished 25-45 Sharps 87 Grain Hot-Cor Cartridge (20 Cartridges)


(96 customer reviews)

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Maximum Cartridge/Minimum Chamber

  • The 25-45 SHARPS packs a lot more punch with a little more kick <10%.
  • Flies flat as a varmint round and hits hard like a brush cartridge.
  • Proven on Antelope, Whitetail, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion and Boar.
  • An 87 grain bullet with a muzzle velocity of 3000 fps produces more than 1700 foot pounds of energy.


  • Transform your MSR with SRC 25-45 SHARPS rifle cartridges.
  • The 25-45 SHARPS is 100% compatible with all .223/5.56 magazines, buffers, bolts and other components; a simple barrel change is all that is needed.
  • Makes any MSR legal for big game hunting in all states where centerfire rifle hunting is permitted.

Cosmetic Blemishes: Minor discoloration/oxidation of product or scratches on product. These blemishes will not affect performance.

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96 reviews for Cosmetically Blemished 25-45 Sharps 87 Grain Hot-Cor Cartridge (20 Cartridges)

  1. samuel baggett (verified owner)

    I haven’t gotten all of the rifle together yet so i can’t speak for that part of it. but all components i received from sharps have been packaged well and i even had a few concerns about the order and they cleared it right up. Will do business with them again in a heartbeat

  2. Frank Harrison (verified owner)

    Good product and fast shipping. Ammunition arrived before my grandson finished his no 25-45 AR. Only glitch was that ammunition went on sale one week after it arrived.

  3. Adam LaPointe (verified owner)

    I ordered some blemished 25-45 ammo that was on sale. I recieved a email saying it was shipped the same day. I got the ammo within 3 day which included the weekend. That was great. Looked at the ammo and it was just as good looking as what I get at the local store. Great company with awesome staff / costumer service. I’ll be buying more goods from them.

  4. James Illbeck (verified owner)

    what you call blemished, looks better than most of the remanufactured ammo I get locally

  5. Brandon Wright (verified owner)

    All rounds are in great working order!

  6. bob penrod (verified owner)

    seemed really nice have not yet fired any

  7. Rance Marquez (verified owner)

    Very good company. Great customer service, communication and fast shippig.

    Products are all top notch.

  8. johnny Darville (verified owner)

    Great round, building a Sniper system and this is the perfect round for it. I’m using the Remington 308 in 168gr in Federal Gold Match, just wanted to down size with the same effect. Can’t wait for a match grade round from Sharps, I’m sure it will be great.

  9. Timothy Francis (verified owner)

    Ordered items arrived quickly and order was complete.

  10. Ben McAllister (verified owner)

    I shot a box of the Cosmetically Blemished ammo through my rifle yesterday. No problems. Held a tight group. I’ve got four more boxes of it and will be buying more.

  11. steve alexander (verified owner)

    to see the blems – cartridge performs like new, worth the price.

  12. Isaac (verified owner)

    Great product with super fast shipping!

  13. Thomas Menard (verified owner)

    This ammunition is excellent quality by most standards which really shows that src holds some truly incredible quality expectations at there factory.

  14. Stuart R Wilkie (verified owner)

    Barely notice any blemish you really have to look to find it! Would purchase again! Also excellent service along with it!

  15. Mike Holmen (verified owner)

    Target shooting and shooting reactionary targets is a blast with this ammo. Good and dependable.

  16. Richard Craig (verified owner)

    I was very pleasantly surprised with the ammo. I expected it to look a bit worse for wear.

  17. Lamar Wright (verified owner)

    I bought a box of the blemished 25-45 87 grain. They looked amazing I could not find anything that looked like a blemish.
    I recommend these to everyone.

  18. john chaney (verified owner)

    installed barrel on lower, everything easily fit together & completed rifle.

  19. Dennis Stevens (verified owner)

    Thanks nice job

  20. Greg Blum (verified owner)

    I put a new Sharps 20″ black oxide barrel on my Wilson Combat Recon Tactical, rifle length gas block and a 12.6″ Wilson TRIM rail, and just put 40 rounds of the “blemished” ammo down range. It shot just fine. The thing is, I could not find any blemishes! Thanks SRC.

  21. richard simonelli (verified owner)

    These cartridges look just fine for use

  22. DAVY (verified owner)

    Since I do not reload, this is my only option. Performs quite well! Wish it were available locally (ie: Cabelas, Gander Mt.) Haven’t tried the Blitzking yet for comparison. I’m wondering why they are considered blemished. Look pretty good to me!

  23. JV Plett (verified owner)

    Very pleased with everything that I received from sharps. Very fast shipping great communication very pleased with them.

  24. stephen morgan (verified owner)

    They work flawlessly!! didn’t get a magnifying glass out but couldn’t detect the blemish as i loaded magazines.

  25. Michael (verified owner)

    The folks at Sharps were great to deal with and extremely helpful. Package was shipped and delivered very quickly!
    Haven’t used any yet, can’t wait for barrel and chamber work to be done on my custom Ruger No. 3.

  26. Martin Feltner (verified owner)

    After looking over the “blemished” ammo I could find no defects. Haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet but appears it should work just fine.

  27. Clyde (verified owner)

    I can only hope that my handloads perform as well – I will use their recommendations for powder, bullets, and primers – at least to start.

  28. Trey Nicholson (verified owner)

    This round shoots great! Does not feel as mechanical as other ARs. As others have mentioned; I could not find any problem with these cartridges that would deem them as blemished. Shot three boxes with great grouping results and no fail to feed or fire. Will buy more and recommend them highly.

  29. Ted Cole (verified owner)

    Haven’t had a chance to try them but you wouldn’t know their blemished!

  30. Randy (verified owner)

    Quality and price for blemished ammo very reasonable. I ordered 2 boxes and looked each shell over carefully. I could not find a blemish among them. Also packaged in plastic cell pack so the ammo wasn’t loose in the box to bang around. Very impressed with the quality, price, packaging and shipping.

  31. Wayne Carver (verified owner)

    These shoot just as good as the regular ones and are cheaper. It’s a win win

  32. Larry Schillinger (verified owner)

    This ammo was suppose to have cosmetic faults, however after inspecting the ammo, I could not find any thing wrong. Great buy, will buy again. Thanks

  33. John (verified owner)

    The unblemished ammo must have to meet a very high quality and appearance standard as this blemished ammo easily exceeds the appearance and performance of similar factory cartridges. I purchased some of these mainly for the marked cases as the typical game enforcement agent in our state usually has no real fire arms experience. My home brew reloads are all from .223 brass which would easily confuse our typical game officer. Having correctly marked brass just helps expedite any encounter where I may have to show the rifle to be a legal hunting caliber which in my state the minimum is 6mm.

  34. Matt Evans (verified owner)

    Great product and fast shipping.
    Keep up the great work

  35. Don Wolfe (verified owner)

    The ammo looks very good for blemished rounds. Have not found any problems with the ammo so far. The ammo arrived with the basic conversion kit and all was shipped quickly and packaged very well.

  36. Michael Brown (verified owner)

    Sorry to say, but I haven’t had a chance to fire any rounds yet, but when I do I will give you my feedback. As for the looks these bullets look better than some of the bullets I have purchased at other sources. If these are the bullets they consider to be Blems than their non blems must be over the top nice. I’m definitely a happy camper.

  37. william kaller (verified owner)


  38. Stanley Snyder (verified owner)

    I have yet to complete my build, But I think this is an awesome cartridge, I may be wrong,But I think the 25-45 Sharps has a bright future ahead,

  39. Eddie Baise (verified owner)

    These cartridges just have little dents and dings that have no effect on performance. They are nice shiny brass and have the Sharps head stamp which is a plus for those out there with state caliber restrictions. As time and dollars permit I’ll buy another batch.

  40. Victor Sternberg Jr (verified owner)

    This ammo shoots well, they don’t really seem blemished which is even better 🙂

  41. kevin smith (verified owner)

    Awesome deal on awesome Ammo. Yet to find anything at all wrong with these. Will continue to buy these for sure. These are grouping sub-moa at 100 yards consistently, and I am using a 18″ 1:10 twist barrel with about 200 rounds through it. My new favorite AR-15 that I own! Thanks SRC!

  42. andrew fisher (verified owner)

    they all look good and fire the same. Cant tell they are blemished.

  43. Roger (verified owner)

    ‘ve fired none of this yet, overall appearance is excellent and as advertised.

  44. Joel Banks (verified owner)

    Had small insignificant dents.
    Good value

  45. Joseph Millar (verified owner)

    Shoots just as well as the other factory ammo. After all, it’s not what it looks like its how it performs.

  46. Arthur Debernarde (verified owner)

    Talked to Randy and ordered box of 100 rounds 25-45 ammo and it was shipped the dynamic. Great service.

  47. Matt G (verified owner)

    Ordered 100 rounds of the Cosmetically Blemished 87 Grain Hot-Cor Cartridges, along with my SRC 25-45. After close inspection, found it difficult to find much resembling a blemish on most rounds and the blemishes I did notice on some was minimal. Haven’t had a chance to actually put some down range, but not concerned at all they will be an issue.

  48. Darren Roy (verified owner)

    Hard to find any blemishes on any of the cartridges. No problems with function or accuracy. Shooting 3/4in groups at 100yds.

  49. tobias keller (verified owner)

    Good products at fair prices and excellent customer service to boot, very happy to be doing business with SRC. These rounds, although sold as blems, look about as good as anything I’ve bought off the shelf. Glad to safe a few bucks.

  50. Stephen Cline (verified owner)

    Really can’t find what is blemmished about the rounds. All shot great, very good accuracy. Final string of three at 200 yards had two just barely touching. Fed flawlessly, cycled perfect and very accurate. No complaints here!

  51. Ronald ST Germain (verified owner)

    Great value , awesome round, free shipping and a free box of shells with the 10% off since I ordered 200 rounds.

  52. Phil Whitehead (verified owner)

    If you don’t look close, you won’t find the blemishes…

    Great ammo!!

  53. charles burkholtz (verified owner)

    I was unable to find the blemishes that were supposed to class these that way.

  54. Matthew Blome (verified owner)

    I shot 40 rounds of this and got 1″ groups at 100 easy. Good stuff. Only very slight cosmetic marks on the cases. Highly recommended.

  55. jimmy ragsdale (verified owner)

    Looks good i don’t see any blemished places anywhere

  56. Chris (verified owner)

    Maybe a couple dinged lead tips but other than that, they’re same as the others. Obviously way higher quality standards over the big manufacturers.

  57. Phil Bolfing (verified owner)

    Great ammunition. I will be using it for Whitetail hunting this next week.

  58. mark dalrymple (verified owner)

    Cant see the blemishes but I haven’t got to fire any rounds yet

  59. Thomas Gonzalez (verified owner)

    I opened them and couldn’t tell they were blemished until closer inspection. They performed without any issues, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them on a hunt.

  60. Jim (verified owner)

    Mix these up with the ‘new’ stuff & you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference…

  61. Charlie (verified owner)

    looks like new to me, fast shipping too.

  62. Patrick McCabe (verified owner)

    Maybe a few scratches here and there, but still a good product.

  63. Alex (verified owner)

    Besides dents on the casing this ammo is great. Excellent buy for the price.

  64. Jerry Holt (verified owner)

    Can’t even tell they are blemished. Will buy more.

  65. Mark Galpin (verified owner)

    Can’t tell the difference between the blemished ammo and regular ammo it all shot the same.

  66. John Petrone (verified owner)

    For being blemmed ammo, I have a hard time finding the blems! Great ammo at a great price.

    John Petrone

  67. thomas andrews (verified owner)

    just what I needed

  68. Doug Tarver (verified owner)

    Ammo as as described shipping was great. Good company to trade with!

  69. clayton collins (verified owner)

    Recently purchased 100 rounds of blemished 25-45 rounds but could only find minimal blemishes. They looked great. Also ordered a basic upgrade kit, a month ago, and could not be more pleased. Thanks Sharps for a great rifle.

  70. Joe Sawmiller (verified owner)

    Shoots good, no loading problems, and will be an added addition to my reloading stock.

  71. Joshua Blanchard (verified owner)

    Great product shoots well

  72. Butch (verified owner)

    These came in about 3 days after ordered … The blemishes were very small ding or dents … GREAT job Sharps … I will pick up more of these …

  73. Allen Barker (verified owner)

    I’m not saying they are blems and I’m not spreading it around that this is how I’m buying my reloading brass. ( I like this stuff. Really accurate down range. )

    So if this is a well kept secret and my review causes sales of this Ammo to improve, will you send me another 10 boxes of the 87 please?

  74. Jeff Harris (verified owner)

    I have used this ammo over the last year and been very pleased. Don’t hesitate to try it.

  75. Troy C (verified owner)

    Their inspectors have eagle eyes. I see only the smallest imperfactions. Sure makes practice a bit more affordable. I am averaging 2880 fps with 18in bl. Very pleased

  76. Kevin Young (verified owner)

    Items are great quality

  77. KENNETH MATTHEWS (verified owner)

    I have not got shoot them yet but they look great.

  78. Daniel Knight (verified owner)

    Wonderful ammo, I could not see the blemishes and shot MOA with low power scope

  79. phillip markert (verified owner)

    Very little wrong with them cosmetically. And they shot perfectly. What else can you ask for

  80. Tom J. (verified owner)

    The blems shoot fine! Need to really look hard to see blemishes! After you shoot them any blemishes are gone and ready for reloading! Shot 1 MOA what more do you need!

  81. Richard Cawthon (verified owner)

    Hard to find any blemishes

  82. CHRIS ORTEGO (verified owner)

    Tiny dent in case, great for sighting in and testing gun. Still accurate. As a reloader I now have once fired Brass that’s formed to Rifle’s Chamber. Good deal

  83. Ron Beason (verified owner)

    Great ammo, great deal, I put more blemishes on it just loading a magazine!

  84. Everend (verified owner)

    The order was received quickly and was well packaged. Contents were in good shape and just what was ordered. Looking forward to practice! I will be ordering more.

  85. Clint Haight (verified owner)

    Selling as cosmetically blemished, but couldn’t find even one that looked blemished.
    As usual, great service, prompt shipping and product that is better than described!

  86. RP (verified owner)

    Shoot well. Good accuracy.

  87. james donelson (verified owner)

    Very pleased with performance of rifle & ammo.

  88. Benjamin F Johnson (verified owner)

  89. Marshall Short (verified owner)

    Same factory load as always. I normally don’t bother because I know how my factory Sharps AR performs with this. But I had a bolt gun chambered in 25-45 and wanted some factory loads as a baseline.

  90. Brian (verified owner)

    Still waiting on the rifle but the ammo came days before promised arrival. And free shipping, very nice!

  91. Byron Bjordahl (verified owner)

    Haven’t shot yet, but look great. Thankyou

  92. Aaron LaDeau (verified owner)

  93. Tom J. (verified owner)

    Small scuffs and dings on these does not affect how they shoot! 1MOA at 100 yards! Some times even better! Buy them you will not be unhappy with the results!

  94. Casey Bitner (verified owner)

    Wonderful stuff thanks

  95. eric g Bolt (verified owner)

    ALways had great luck with the blems, I havent been able to find problem or blem on them

  96. Tim Faircloth (verified owner)

    These shoot great. The rifle I built in 25-45 Sharps will put up sub MOA groups with these blems all day long. Can’t say enough good things about Sharps Rifle Company, have always talked to Kim and she can help you with any questions.

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