RCBS Dies 25-45 Sharps


RCBS Dies 25-45 Sharps

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This .25-45 Sharps RCBS reloading dies includes a three die box, a full-length resizing die, a seater die, and a die to resize .223 brass into .25-45 Sharps.

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The 25-45 Sharps RCBS AR-Series die set features a Small Base Sizing Die and a Tapered Crimp Seating Die. This set of reloading dies also comes with a third die which is a tapered expander die designed to neck .223 / 5.56 brass up to 25 caliber with ease. Set comes with complete instructions.

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71 reviews for RCBS Dies 25-45 Sharps

  1. Kevin Goad (verified owner)

    Spot on. These dies expand and size 223 brass as advertised. A perfect 25×45 cartridge emerges.

  2. Richard Hench (verified owner)

    Great service, enjoyed talking with rep on phone. Looking forward to ordering upper for my AR.

  3. Kenneth Compton (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service, very fast shipping, excellent products!

  4. Clint Haight (verified owner)

    I have been using RCBS dies for over 20 years. I have grown accustomed to the quality and reliability of their products. So I was not disappointed with this set for the 25-45. I expect to get many years of use out of them.

  5. kevin smith (verified owner)

    I normally use RCBS dies for their high quality products. This one is no exception. Very well constructed, comes with a resize/decap, bullet seating, and a 223/5.56 neck up to 25 cal die. I have loaded several hundred rounds and these have not had the first problem. Highly recommend. Sharps even sends you their published data with the shipping confirmation.

  6. Troy Williams (verified owner)

    Fast freindly great help

  7. David Ronne (verified owner)

    The die set made re-sizing .223 brass a breeze. It takes a bit of trial and error to get the seating/crimp die set. Overall a good set.

  8. andrew (verified owner)

    This set works great. Haven’t ruined a single case converting .223 brass. The tapered expander die works flawlessly. The seating/crimp die can be a bit tricky to set, which has been my experience with most 2 step dies such as this one. All in all great stuff. I am anxiously awaiting more load data from Sharps.

  9. ray pike (verified owner)

    great product. Have used the whole set and the step expander die is the bomb.

  10. Greg V. (verified owner)

    Great quality as can be expected from RCBS, turned out 40 rounds in no time after setting them to my Rock Chucker press.

  11. Forrest Clark (verified owner)

    Each of the three dies perform well and were easy to set up. Nice job!

  12. Terry Tankersley (verified owner)

    The dies work great, very easy to resize 5.56 or 223 to .257.
    Very fast service.

  13. Jim Nelson (verified owner)

    The expander die works great…

  14. James H Wall (verified owner)

    The dies are the best, a little pricy but you get what you pay for,I have only reloaded about 40 rounds, but once I got everything adjusted to my liking they are excellent.

  15. G. W. Holt (verified owner)

    RCBS reloading dies are top quality. Finish of the dies is excellent. Loaded up the first 60 rounds of 25-45 Sharps with no problems. The 25-45 Sharps cartridge is a major upgrade to the AR15 rifle. Once more people discover the power upgrade it offers, they will be converting 5.56 rifles to 25-45 Sharps. Glad I decided to give it a try.

  16. Lenny Boufford (verified owner)

    I had to get a new set of dies to reload 25-45 brass after a slight mishap with my redding set. Rcbs has a 3 step set of dies and i actuall like these dies better than the redding product. Neck tension for the bullet is much tighter and bullets seat better. Again, randy in customer service made a great recommendation.

  17. James Huseth (verified owner)

    RCBS die set is well made and works with no problems,would definitely buy again……another great product offered by Sharps Rifle Company

  18. Mitchell Young (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service & great product

  19. Steven Casper (verified owner)

    As with all RCBS products…well made and worked just fine!!!

  20. Trevvor Toczek (verified owner)

    They work great and arrived fast!

  21. Robert Kuehl (verified owner)

    This is a very nice die set. I actually had some 6×45 brass that I moved up a size. The size up die worked well. Ran thru 50 rounds and resized brass. Everything went smoothly. They’re RCBS dies, they are well made. Side note: the 25-45 Sharps is a hoot to shoot.

  22. Vacheriekid (verified owner)

    Great dies. I am working up loads now. I loaded about 65 bullets so far with great results. These dies makes loading the 25-45 sharps a piece if cake!

  23. Tom Minton (verified owner)


  24. Gonzalo Alonso (verified owner)

    excellent product and service. I will buy again and will refer my friends. Customer service is great.

  25. Herbert Hall (verified owner)

    Very satisfied,

  26. Donald (verified owner)

    Great looking dies however have not had a chance to use them yet. RCBS always provides quality reloading equipment.

  27. Edward Moore (verified owner)

    great set of dies

  28. William Bolton (verified owner)

    Dies worked great.

  29. Scott Miller (verified owner)

    RCBS always a top notch product. Expect no less from them.

  30. Tacky (verified owner)

    Bought these dies to start rolling my own .25-45 sharps rounds. Dies are what I expected since I already own 8 or 10 sets of rcbs, 8 or 10 lees, 5 or 6 hornady, and 4 or 5 sets of redding dies. The require the same intial cleaning, set them up and roll on. I am planning to order a custom lee factory crimp die, since one isn’t available commercially, instead of using the seater die to roll crimp them.
    When you size the once fired 5.56 brass, the mouth is noticeably bigger than a 5.56, then when you run them through the expander it gives them a final sizing to .257 pretty effortlessly. First batch I did with H335. Then add your favorite topping (bullet) and enjoy. I have high hopes for my new quarter bore. Fast shipping from SRC, and the only place I have seen these dies. So whats not to like?

  31. kathy (verified owner)

    haven’t used them a whole lot yet, but so far 100% first time through perfect.

  32. Warren Boyd (verified owner)

    Top quality.

  33. John Mihalik (verified owner)

    A-1 die set. I especially like the sizing die. In one shot put in a 223 case and out comes a 25 caliber case. Be aware of too much crimp bulging the case at the shoulder.

  34. Lindsay Merrifield (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with your response to the the missing tool head in my order. In only two working days I had it in my mailbox. Thanks for the great service.

  35. Donald Thompson (verified owner)

    RCBS usually produces a great product I still need to tested but so far product responses have been above average. Dies clean

  36. Jeffrey Buffenmyer (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service, transaction was very smooth, emails were answered very quickly, shipping was spot on with tracking info and the dies arrived very quickly. Load data was emailed to me for the round and is a good starting point.

  37. dustin doyle (verified owner)

    Excellent die set!!!! Have already made 100’s of cases in preparation for my 25-45 sharps build. I love the expander die it comes with. Would recommend to anyone!!!

  38. Phil Whitehead (verified owner)

    Well made dies, as all RCBS dies are. I’m not sure why an expander die was included, when a separate seating die and a separate taper crimp die would have been a more useful combination.

  39. Rod Odekirk (verified owner)

    RCBS dies were shipped promptly. I have formed and loaded a hand full of ammo and the RCBS dies seem to work however I would like a bit more neck tension on the bullet. I can push the bullets back into the case with moderate effort. Might just be my technique or the brass I used.
    Will know how they perform when I receive my new Upper.

  40. Joe J Huro Jr (verified owner)

    I’ve been using RCBS reloading tools since 1965 with regrets. Love mine in 25-45 Sharps.

  41. Joel White (verified owner)

    Zero complaints here. I annealed the brass in the beginning before expanding the necks. It turned out to be a non issue. Could not be happier with you and RCBS on this one.

  42. Jim (verified owner)

    RCBS – what else can you say?

  43. Jerod Hatcher (verified owner)

    I ordered the sharps die set for reloading 25/45. It is made by RCBS. It works very well as does all of thier dies. I just hand loaded 100 rounds with no issues. 100% happy.

  44. good2us (verified owner)

    Overall it’s a quality set of dies, it does what it’s advertised to do, with one exception. There’s no way to expand the case mouth. It could be that I am missing something but I’ve tried adjusting it every which way but loose. If it is me, not adjusting it correctly, I would love some advise.
    With that said it necks up from .22 to .25 caliber and resizes with ease, no problems with stuck cases. The seating/crimp die is easy to adjust. Truly is a quality set of dies and I am looking forward to handloading more in the future.

  45. MB Innis (verified owner)

    The dies work well and the instructions were clear.

  46. Donal Wolfe (verified owner)

    As usual, very good service.

  47. Lester Custer (verified owner)

    As always the best quality from RCBS

  48. Greg B (verified owner)

    Used random 5.56 and .223 brass and one pass through the resizer and done. They shot fine as well. I really like the finish on these

  49. Garry Phelan (verified owner)

    so far I have resized and reloaded two hundred rounds of military 223 brass and they performed very satisfactorly

  50. Jon Bonds (verified owner)

    This barrel is a reloader’s dream. I purchased the light 20″ stainless barrel and the RCBS Die set. The barrel has a great looking finish and cycles nicely in the rifle length gas system. The lack of ammo availability makes this caliber questionable but loading is very easy. The 223 cases are simple to form to a 25 caliber with new or spent cases. There’s limited loads listed on line that does make it seem like this would be a waste of cash but a little experimental loading ideas made this caliber a lot more appealing to me. Between my wife and I already owning a 204ruger, 6×45, 223wylde, 300aac, 7.62×39, 5.45×39 6.8spc, 6.5grendel and a 22 nosler all in the ar platform I kinda had to have the 25-45. “WARNING EXPERIMENTING WITH UNTESTED LOADS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS”! But done correctly can yield great results in any caliber.

  51. Mason (verified owner)

    Great product.smooth sizing and fits barrel perfect

  52. robert bander (verified owner)

    die set works well as with all my rcbs dies. the only thing that was hard getting use to is the seating die, all other dies in my rcbs sets are the steel color, but the seating die is black in color, while the case neck forming die is the same color of all the other die sets. I find myself always reaching for the black die to form the neck of 223 brass then I remember its the seating die. Not a game changer, but if you have access to ar 15 brass the die set is a must.

  53. Richard Craig (verified owner)

    Nice dies, clear instructions, and easy adjustments

  54. Daniel R Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Customer service is top notch. I was ordering dies for a buddy of mine. His brother just had me mount a 16″ on an upper for him and needed the dies. Found the 20″ barrel. This was a must for my buddy. Some how I ordered the SS instead of the Black. Wow, I got a response from my e-mail I sent Sunday night Monday morning. Customer Service CALLED! They were great. Correcting the issue now. Customer service it FANTASTIC, Friendly and very helpful. Could not ask for any better.

  55. Randy (verified owner)

    What can I say? Their RCBS, that is all I have used for the last 20 years.
    It’s a small base, 3 die set with the third one being a expander die to neck up your .223 brass. Again a little spendy

  56. jim (verified owner)

    As always RCBS makes an excellent product and SRC provides fast shipping

  57. William Howell (verified owner)

    RCBS has always provided a great product. I have used their products for reloading since 1971. Thanks Sharps for utilizing RCBS dies along with the 25×45 ar products.

  58. otto kittel (verified owner)

    Excellent product! first week, formed and loaded 1200 cases. Little pricey for dies, but got my money back in highly accurate ammo.

  59. Matt Hayden (verified owner)


  60. Don White (verified owner)

    Sizing the neck up from 223 to 25 cal was no trouble at all. This was the first time I did this and everything turned out perfect. The only thing that could improve the die set would be to include a separate die for crimping. But it really doesn’t matter much because I’m not using a crimp anyway.

  61. Willie Pinkston (verified owner)

    will probably keep buying from them

  62. Donnie Dixon (verified owner)

    Great dies.

  63. Todd R. (verified owner)

    Very nice quality. You wont be disappointed. Shipped fast and great service b

  64. Jeff King (verified owner)

    Dies are easy to setup. I’m using mine with a Dillion RL550 blue press. Annealing .223 brass helps make the resizing from .22 to .25 much easier. Be careful to fully lube outside as well inside neck of .223/5.56 cases before resizing them or them might seize in the die.

  65. John Wagner (verified owner)

    Good quality

  66. Dale Craig (verified owner)

    No dramas; ordered RCBS die set beginning of the week; product arrived by the end of the week in perfect condition.

  67. STEVE MEIER (ted miller facilitated my purchase) (verified owner)

    Just started useing the dies ( bench not completed ) yet but they are RCBS quality – nice

  68. Sam Horrocks (verified owner)

    subject says it all!

  69. Randy (verified owner)

    I ordered these dies after using Lee for my first loads. Should have bought these to begin with.

  70. Patrick Germain (verified owner)

    Excellent service, and superior product as always from rcbs

  71. Robert Rhodes (verified owner)

    Have not shot it to date because I tried to get you to send me a ejection port door with free shipping but you could not do that.I wanted to show off this cool 25 45 sharps at with your logo on the door,you could not do the shipping so the rifle is still in pieces never fear I found one with free shipping but no bragging will happen.

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