Sharps Precision 24″ Barrel

Sharps Precision 24″ Barrel


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Sharps is proud to offer this outstanding 24” rifle barrel precisely made to our exacting technical specifications. This 24″ AR-15/M16/M4 barrel is made from 416R stainless steel  and is chambered in the potent 25-45 Sharps cartridge.

Technical Information:

  • Length: 24″
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Type 416R
  • Chamber: 25-45 Sharps
  • Twist Rate: 1 in 10″
  • Finish: Stainless Steel or Black Shot Peen
  • Muzzle: Threaded 5/8″ x 24tpi
  • Gas Port Location: Rifle-Length
  • Gas Block Diameter: 0.750″
  • Magnetic particle inspected
  • Polygonal Rifling


Additional information


24” HBar Black Shot Peen 416R, 24” HBAR SS 416R

1 review for Sharps Precision 24″ Barrel

  1. Steve M. Potvin

    I have been shooting for a very long time and it is a rare thing to impress me. Some months ago while looking to build some AR’s to take to a Youth Camp for the Shooting Range Days I stumbled across the Sharps Rifle Company web site. After some comparing and a lot of You Tube searching I decided to give SRC a call and ask a few questions. I wanted to make sure that if I went with SRC that it wouldn’t be a big mistake. Well after much help from the nice young lady that answered the phone, I was on my way to building a Sharps 25/45. Never heard of it before now but it sounded pretty cool and hey, you can hunt game with it. Nice plus for the 25/45. So, all of a sudden I have all these parts showing up and one of the coolest looking parts was that BEAUTIFULLY done Sharps 24-inch SS H-Bar Barrel. Sharps took great care to detail in the finish of this barrel. It was very well packed and the finish was every bit as good as some of the top barrel companies out there. So, now I have my very first Sharps 25/45, is it going to be as good as bragged!! It looks great but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be worth a damn. Took this girl out to the range to sight in and I was blown away. It has very little recoil and it is one of the straightest shooters I have ever had. After getting her dialed in I am holding a 1 1/4″ group at 300 Yards. Yes, I did say 300 Yards. BTW, her name is “Lady Jane”. I took Lady Jane and Little Piggy “Sharps 25/45 16-inch HBar Black Shot Peen 416R, yes, I build 2 25/45’s” to youth camp and they were such a hit. We have kids from ages 7 yrs. to adults shooting these babies and they performed wonderfully. In 3 days we went through 3,500 rounds and not a single misfire and no jams or feeding issues. They performed without a single issue. Can’t get better than that. These kids had such a great time and it was because SRC knows how to make a barrel and a great all around cartridge. I wish I could post a picture to share with this review so that you could see what the 300 yard target looks like. I had one stray and it was me that pulled it high. All the rest of the 30 shots were 1 1/4″ group in the center Bulls Eye of the target. You can’t ask for better than that. I am so impressed that I plan on building another 24-inch HBar SS and several other lengths of the Sharps 25/45. It has got to be the most enjoyable cartridge I have ever shot. It was so much fun and the kids took a vote after the shooting range days and it was Unanimous that the SRC 25/45 was every ones favorite rifle to shoot. Even the counselors agreed . Lastly, both of these rifles have the Sharps XPB with the DLC and now all my AR’s are going to have nothing but the XPB with the DLC. So far I have 6 other AR’s with them and have 5 more to go. Great job Sharps, you did good. I will be building many many more of these. Thank you Sharps Rifle Company.

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