Re-manufactured 25-45 Sharps 87 Grain FMJ Cartridge

Re-manufactured 25-45 Sharps 87 Grain FMJ Cartridge


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Maximum Cartridge/Minimum Chamber

NATO 5.56 once fired brass sized to Sharps 25-45 with our in house manufactured 87 gr FMJ bullet

The 25-45 SHARPS packs a lot more punch with a little more kick <10%.

Flies flat as a varmint round and hits hard like a brush cartridge.

Transform your MSR with SRC 25-45 SHARPS rifle cartridges.

The 25-45 SHARPS is 100% compatible with all .223/5.56 magazines, buffers, bolts and other components; a simple barrel change is all that is needed.

  • Ideal for training, competition and target use.
  • Most accurate FMJs on the market today.
Ballistic Coefficient of 0.313
Sectional Density of 0.188

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14 reviews for Re-manufactured 25-45 Sharps 87 Grain FMJ Cartridge

  1. (verified owner)

    Top Quality and strong performance.

  2. Richard Craig (verified owner)

    I’ve had a few transactions with you (my wife isn’t as happy as I am) and the products and service have always been great. Good pricing especially you are the only source. Shipping has always been prompt. I haven’t shot the FMJ as yet but all of the others are first rate. I expect no difference with these.

  3. Tom Minton (verified owner)


  4. Gonzalo Alonso (verified owner)

    very happy with the product like always.

  5. Rick Stier (verified owner)

    the order was placed and recieved in a speedy way. even after fed ex had lost the first order. I will deal with them more often.

  6. Jack Haslip (verified owner)

    Great service, ordered online and it shipped in about a week, no problems at all, thank you Sharps

  7. Ted Cole (verified owner)

    Being from Cal, we need to stock up before they take our ammo!

  8. Douglas Vollmer (verified owner)

    I love these rounds and they are affordable for regular range use.

  9. Ron Beason (verified owner)

    I found this product to be a decent load, and to be accurate. I was a little surprised that neither this, nor the new ammo was headstamped .25-45, being Lake City military headstamped.

  10. Harold Campbell (verified owner)

    a great deal

  11. Burleigh Bozant (verified owner)

    Great deal on that many rounds. Fast shipping very nice box to reuse

  12. mark dalrymple (verified owner)

    If the rounds perform as good as Sharps shipping they will be amazing. Can’t thank sharps enough for the quick shipping ordered on a Wednesday afternoon had the ammo box by Friday.

  13. Brad (verified owner)

    Perfect performance.

  14. Scott Walker (verified owner)

    Great product, pretty good customer service as well. I gave it 4/5 only because I never got shipping confirmation and couldn’t plan a range day around receipt of the barrel. It was, however very fast when I ordered some ammo a couple days later. I intend to buy from them again in the future.

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