Master Conversion Kit


Master Conversion Kit


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The 25-45 Sharps Master Conversion Kit includes:

  • Sharps Precision Barrel of your choice
  • Engraved Dust Cover
  • 100ct 25-45 Sharps Headstamp Brass
  • RCBS Dies
  • Sharps XPB Balanced Bolt Carrier Group
XPB BCG in DLC ($0.00)
XPB BCG in FDE ($10.00)
XPB BCG in NiB-X ($30.00)
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The 25-45 Sharps Master Conversion Kit includes:

  • Sharps Precision Barrel of your choice
  • Engraved Dust Cover
  • 100ct 25-45 Sharps Headstamp Brass
  • RCBS Dies
  • Sharps XPB BCG

Download Reloading Data Sheet Here

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21 reviews for Master Conversion Kit

  1. Thomas Bryan (verified owner)

    This is an extremely good deal for an exceptional polygonal barrel with the best ar15 bolt on the market. Great little round but we need some more bullets out there at less than 90 grains. Plenty of 100 grain bullets out there but no load data for that.

    Bought another barrel and dies for my buddy.

  2. Randall Bohannon (verified owner)

    After building several AR-15’s in 300 BLK and 5.56/223 I had looked at 6.5 and the 6.8,real turn off to change out mags and bolt.I stumbled on a article and had looked at SRC’s web page before and it just didn’t click for me then.I found the Master Conversion kit on sale and bought one.To say I am pleased would be an understatement.I could not have bought a better quality barrel anywhere.The new rifle is all Juggernaut Tactical billet lower,upper and 15″ rail in Burnt Orange the graphics on the dust cover and the BCG match so good it looks intentional.The BCG is amazing in fit,finish and material,lock up is swift and sure,tossed all brass in nice little pile even with the ejection port6-8″ away.I am a “polygonal” rifling fan in the right application,this is the right application.Just starting load development.
    Many kudos to the people at SRC,they are on top of this,dies,brass.loaded ammo,loading data to start with,Doesn’t get any easier.

  3. JOSHUA JENSEN (verified owner)

    Product was received faster than expected. All around great service and great product. Will definitely be doing more business with you. Thanks

  4. Zach Everitt (verified owner)

    Came the other day and all parts look as good as I expected. Haven’t yet had time to put it all together but I am sure no problems will arise. All parts seem to have commonality with mil spec AR systems. Look forward to warmer weather so I can shoot this for accuracy.

  5. Michael Burke (verified owner)

    Barrel is top quality! Bolt and carrier group is exceptional! Talk about a slick item! Hope you folks are working on more load data for the 25-45 and a wider range of bullets and powders!

  6. J D (verified owner)

    Great customer service was able to get kit with 10.5 inch barrel. Kit is fantastic including everything needed to convert to 25 45 sharps and reload for this caliber

  7. Dave Waughtel (verified owner)

    Great kit! very happy with everything included. Can not wait to shoot it. Thanks for the great service!

  8. Michael D. McCarter (verified owner)

    I would like to thank customer service depot. for it’s helping to place my order as my log in was not working at the time. My order was sent and arrive prompt and accurate. I was very pleased with the way it shipped and the fast service.

  9. Roger Lebeck (verified owner)

    I have not yet fired the master kit. I have just gotten it put together and am very pleased how it looks. I have had several e-mail conversations with Randy and could not have had a better report with him. Randy’s response is quick and to the point and always very helpful! FYI, I have several friends who are interested in the project I am putting together. I will do my best to get the most out of this kit and let people know how well it works. Thank you, and I will be in touch.

  10. Chuck Langenderfer (verified owner)

    Items look great. Modified the mag to hold 5 rounds for deer hunting.
    Have not assembled the upper yet but bolt should work great.
    I was surprised at the $20 up charge for the barrel. The ad said “barrel of choice” for $529. Did run some cleaner/patches thru barrel-looks very good.
    Getting ready to load some ammo. Dies work nice for expanding and FL sizing.
    Could comment better after upper assembled which will be 2 weeks or so.

    Lewiston, MI

  11. ian rumbelow (verified owner)

    would have been nice to have 22″ barrel for the barnes 80 or ninty gr pills

    need sight to send pics. of your builds

  12. Gary Stoner (verified owner)

    Received the barrel and very good quality, ran cleaning patch through it, put the gun together, mounted the scope and had sighted in, in 5 shots, very pleased with purchase

  13. Phillip Smith (verified owner)

    The workman ship on the bolt carrier and barrel is excellent. I haven’t got to shoot it yet. What i have read is that it shoots very good groups.I have to tell you that Damon was very helpful he & i had some good conversations about the 25-45 sharps. He is real knowledgeable about all the products. He is an asset to your company.

  14. GMaynard (verified owner)

    I purchased the kit about 6 months age go and I am pleased with the performance of the rifle. I get sub moa accuracy at a 100 yards.
    This year I shot a deer with the sharps and the deer just dropped and slid a little ways down hill. I will be taking my grandson deer hunting with the sharps later this year.
    I do not regret building this rifle.

  15. Darrell Johnson (verified owner)

    After clearing the confusion of getting my Barrel to me. Things went quite smoothly

  16. Pacific Islander

    My 25-45 is one-year-old with about 600 rds,built from scratch.With a Omni hybrid lower and Aero precision upper.This was a cheap build with most of the money in the barrel. I did not expect it to print tight on paper. However it has given 1″or better at 100 yd with five shot groups with Sharps 87 gn FMJ and hand loads. With the new addition of a Relia bolt in NP3 PLUS makes this a real joy to shoot. Reloading is simple with the sharps dies and bumping 5.56 to .257 can be done with the full length sizing die. the only thing to watch is OAL for fit in the magazine. Have used AR-COMP,CFE223,IMR 3031,H335,all are good and have had no FTF or FTE. With a 20″ barrel the velocities are just what the doctor ordered to bring home the bacon.Just trying to figure out how to get this home so I can use it on those mongrel kangaroos, as this is the most inexpensive hard hitting round I have found.Why shoot two or three times with 223 when you can do the job with one round of 25-45?

  17. J R Christensen (verified owner)

    Everything in Master Conversion Kit look great, This will be my first AR platform, starting with bare lower & upper. Still gathering parts and hope to finish soon. At that time I’ll be able to provide an objective review.

  18. Roger Lebeck (verified owner)

    I wanted a night coyote calling rifle. The 223 with 55gr tipped bullets I was using worked quite often, but about a third of the time a solid hit still let a coyote run off. Recovering a coyote at night can be very difficult. A 22-250 works but often ruins the pelt. The 25×45 Sharps has done what I was after! This night season I shot 12 coyotes at ranges from 60 to 200 + yards. ALL 12 went down and stayed down. This included 2 that were gut shot on the run. There pelt damage was nonexistent! 2 were shot with 90 gr HPBT, the other with 75 gr V-Max. The other item I found while load development was that all different loads and bullet weights would land within about an inch or less from each other on the target! I have had very few rifles that would ever accomplish this. I also wanted a rifle that would allow me to hog hunt. The 90 gr bullet should work for this. After the first season of use, I could not be more pleased with this project!!! I have not quite been able to reach the listed velocity, but I can’t argue with the results that I have seen. More load development may bump velocity a bit, but if it doesn’t, I’m still more than satisfied with this project!! Thanks Sharps Rifle Company!!

  19. James Dammann (verified owner)

    Received the kit on schedule. It was fun, like always, putting the upper together. Haven’t had a chance to shoot a lot of round through the barrel yet. Once I sited the scope in it was hitting under 1 MOA at 100 yards and I expect it to only get better as a break the barrel in.

  20. Erin Ward (verified owner)

    Overall service and shipping was fast and easy. Bolt is nice but the barrle I got was junk in a few hundred rounds. I have a bore camera and this thing is pitted and cracked. I really like the round so I ended up buying a second barrel from a local gun shop that stocked BHW ss versions of it. I would do it again but would spend the extra money for the ss versions of the kit

    We are sorry that you had issues with the barrel. Could you please send the barrel back so we can inspect it? If we determine that the barrel is sub-par in material or workmanship, we’ll credit the barrel price from your purchase. We already emailed you the pre-paid shipping label.
    Sharps Rifle Company

  21. Jeff Sweeten

    I would recommend a tighter barrel twist. My barrel will not stabilize any projectile over 85 grains – disappointing. However, I still enjoy the round; it’s just not as effective on Texas feral hogs.

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