25-45 Sharps 87 Grain Hot-Cor Cartridge (20 Cartridges)

25-45 Sharps 87 Grain Hot-Cor Cartridge (20 Cartridges)


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Maximum Cartridge/Minimum Chamber

  • The 25-45 SHARPS packs a lot more punch with a little more kick <10%.
  • Flies flat as a varmint round and hits hard like a brush cartridge.
  • Proven on Antelope, Whitetail, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion and Boar.
  • An 87 grain bullet with a muzzle velocity of 3000 fps produces more than 1700 foot pounds of energy.


  • Transform your MSR with SRC 25-45 SHARPS rifle cartridges.
  • The 25-45 SHARPS is 100% compatible with all .223/5.56 magazines, buffers, bolts and other components; a simple barrel change is all that is needed.
  • Makes any MSR legal for big game hunting in all states where centerfire rifle hunting is permitted.


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70 reviews for 25-45 Sharps 87 Grain Hot-Cor Cartridge (20 Cartridges)

  1. BILL BOYD (verified owner)

    I had an AR15 back in the 80s. Got rid of it due to the caliber. I bought the 25 caliber sharps because it solves that problem. Still have not shot it, but very happy with the quality. Finished the rifle now, just need a place to shoot it.

  2. Michael Hostetler (verified owner)

    Very accurate,

  3. Dave (verified owner)

    Love my 25-45 and this ammo can drive tacks. Very accurate. Can’t wait for hunting season to get here.

  4. Bobby Buchanan (verified owner)

    Just as I expected, the best quality. This 25-45 round has brought to light what I always knew about the 5.56. I used the 5.56 in Vietnam and knew it was not for me. Thanks SRC. This 25-45 combination is just what we need for hunting and just plain enjoyment.

  5. Brent Pritchard (verified owner)

    As advertised

  6. Matt Evans (verified owner)

    I would love to test the weight retention. So far it is a great paper and steel target round. However I can only recover fragments to date.

  7. Chase Rohlfsen (verified owner)

    Fast easy and great follow up! Very happy

  8. mark e shelton (verified owner)


  9. Joseph Herr (verified owner)

    Quality is there just waiting on my upper to try them out

  10. Courtney Baxter (verified owner)

    Sharp’s was very quick to ship my items. Everything was enjoyable and a easy and quick purchase.

  11. michael warner (verified owner)

    I am completely satisfied with the products. Seemed a little slow to ship. The quality of the barrel I purchased for my AR build, in my opinion, is exceptional. Inside of 1 MOA at 100yrds with a mil-spec trigger. I installed a nice 2 stage trigger but haven’t had a chance to get it out yet. Should tighten up even more.

  12. Everett Van De Voort (verified owner)

    I did have five cartridges out of one box that had pierced primers in my rifle. I had no other issues with any others out of three boxes that I have shot.

  13. James H Wall (verified owner)

    Ammo looks great, I have not shot any of it yet because I am waiting on a piece for my gun build, I love anything from Sharps.

  14. Drake Becksted (verified owner)

    I am posting this review under the factory new hunting ammo as the re-manufactured ammo loaded with the same 87gr soft point is not currently listed(6/24/16). I am pleased with the appearance and surefire performance of the rounds. Accuracy out of my 18″ rifle was averaging 1.45 MOA at 100 yards out of three five shot groups. I was disappointed after choreographing the loads. Across 10 rounds the average was 2750fps. In my estimation an 18″should not be producing approx 300fps less than a 20″. Energy at the muzzle at 2750fps is approximately 1495 foot pounds; good for medium game and much more than any 223/5.56. I was expecting only 200fps max decrease from the advertised 3000fps at the muzzle from a 20″. Maybe the powder charge has been reduced for whatever reason? With A2200 powder I am achieving 3050fps from an 80gr TTSX with, so I expect 2825 out of the 87gr Hotcore. I have not chrono’ed the factory new rounds yet and will write a separate review for them.

  15. Jordan Harris (verified owner)

    Haven’t had one misfire from any of the rounds and I expect it to drop a deer just fine. I’ll see when deer season rolls around but I’m happy with it

  16. J D (verified owner)

    Shoots great sub moa groups at 100 yards 2550 fps out of 10.5 inch barrel

  17. Ronald Clendenning (verified owner)

    Great ammo,also purchased one of the barrel kits love it super great quality.

  18. Forrest Clark (verified owner)

    Good group for factory ammo, velocity in two different 20 inch barrels was only 2860 fps.
    I don’t think I will tell the Feral Hogs, they likely won’t notice!

  19. Aundre Hernandez (verified owner)

    We want to see what this round can do.

  20. Vacheriekid (verified owner)

    Good looking bullets, used only a few to check function of new build. Saving rest to hunt with. Doing reload test.

  21. Doug McLeod (verified owner)

    Just built a new AR in 25-45 Sharps, this new round performed perfectly, dead on at 200 yards, can’t wait to take it out to 300 yards before deer season starts in a few weeks.

  22. Tom Minton (verified owner)


  23. Donald (verified owner)

    Although I have not used these yet, they look great and shipping was prompt.

  24. Edra McKinley (verified owner)

    I believe sharps gives the best service I have ever had.

  25. AR GUY (verified owner)

    I purchased about 60 rounds of these factory rounds, I have been unable to try them out yet, but the ballistics looks impressive. I plan to purchase the dies and roll my own soon since I roll my own for 20 calibers plus. But I have high hopes for this round, and look forward to chronographing these, and seeing the results.

  26. Richard Craig (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery, and discount, on 5 boxes of 25×45 ammo

  27. Robert Lyons (verified owner)

    Shipped the same day I ordered them. The ammo was new and in excellent condition. The product was well packaged and arrived undamaged.

  28. Josh Parry (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. I am just waiting on my barrel to arrive so I can try the ammo out.

  29. samuel baggett (verified owner)

    I buy these 100 at a time for deer season. I reload for fun but just shoot the hot-cor’s during season they have dropped almost every deer I’ve shot in its tracks

  30. Roy McCabe (verified owner)

    Excellent delivery times. Courteous and friendly staff, AND superior products. You can’t beat SRC for the products they sell.

  31. Brandon Lipke (verified owner)

    Great service and products. I received my ammo and barrel in a couple days and was sighting in in no time. I awesome rifle.

  32. steve edwards (verified owner)

    Have taken 2 deer with the soft point,awsome round drops them in there tracks,thnks sharps this round is awsome.

  33. Joshua (verified owner)

    Ammo shoots well no issues

  34. william lawton (verified owner)

    This bullet might be a little faster than the swine smasher, but still has a tremendous amount of knock down power especially at longer range. Either bullet will get the job easily, way more powerful than any 223/556. Try them, see the difference for yourself

  35. Joel White (verified owner)

    well balanced/regulated for your upper. Put all brass in the same spot. Workable accuracy with velocity as rated. Concentricity was good, brass was consistent. You put effort into this combination and it shows. Will do more testing on accuracy and see if the operator can come up to your standards.

  36. Jim (verified owner)

    Although I haven’t received my upper yet, I ordered 5 boxes of the factory ammo in anticipation. Very well packaged, Federal brass, great bullets, & FAST shipping. Great people to do business with…

  37. J R Christensen (verified owner)

    Haven’t had a chance to try ammo yet, hence middle rating (they look good).

  38. Edgar Mireles (verified owner)

    nice and shoot great on time and good product

  39. Richard Cameron (verified owner)

    Good results with proper gas port!

  40. Michael Mujica (verified owner)

    Excellent ammo, fast shipping.

  41. Brandon Lipke (verified owner)

    Great bullets, I have the 18″ barrel which is top with a Leapold scope hitting a 12″ steel out to 500 yards. Great products and services

  42. Donnie Dixon (verified owner)


  43. Micheal (verified owner)

    Shot well,nice groups so far,can’t wait to hunt with.

  44. Josh Johnson (verified owner)

    Very nice round!! Shoots MOA with ease!

  45. Curtis Poynor (verified owner)

    Best service I’ve had in a while. Everyone I talked to over the phone were very knowledgeable and professional. Shipping went extremely well. Outstanding job overall. Thank you for your excellence.

  46. Tom Dunlap (verified owner)

    Have you considered loading some match grade ammo or know where I could get a few boxes

  47. Elmer Fultz (verified owner)

    Much satisfied with transactions and merchandise from SRC. Eric is great to work with.

  48. Corey Clayton (verified owner)

    Ive been able to take 7 deer with the 25-45 87 grain Hot-Cor and it preformed perfect, quick clean kills. Deer fall in there tracks or run no more than 10 yards, this is now my primary hunting rifle

  49. Tim Gilland (verified owner)

    My 14 year old son suddenly decided that he had to have the new Sharps 25-45 rifle. He wanted it for a scheduled hog hunt just before Christmas. Sharps Rifle Co. built and shipped it so he could have it on time. He had a very successful hunt, dropping 2 150 lb plus hogs with one shot each using the 87 grain bullet. its a very accurate and hard hitting gun / round. the folks at Sharps were great to deal with.

  50. Ryan Carey (verified owner)

  51. Jean P (verified owner)

    Have not shot yet. Look impressive

  52. R F M (verified owner)

    dropped hogs any size dead gggggood bullet ex service/////// shipping ex

  53. John Wagner (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase

  54. curtis (verified owner)

    shot 150 lb. florida buck frontal shot, broke front shoiulder , heart shot ran 50 yrds. 87 grain hot core. Deadly accurate with little recoil.

  55. alexis browning (verified owner)

    Very happy with my 25-45 Sharps

  56. Richard Cawthon (verified owner)

    Love them

  57. Mike P (verified owner)

    Though I was just buying online, the site was easy to navigate and complete my order and my shipment came on time. Thanks SRC!

  58. John Pierce (verified owner)

  59. Randy (verified owner)

    No problems feeding. Shoots well for factory ammo.

  60. david miller (verified owner)

    love the round, excellent cartridge I really enjoy the accuracy and power the 25 caliber carries over the 223 rounds, Great white tail deer round from an AR15

  61. Cullen Watts

    I have not seen what the velocity
    from the 16 inch barrels that
    are sold. Mine is installed and
    shoots but I forgot to chronograph
    the factory loads.

    The 100 grain “swine smasher” is promoted
    but is calculated as having less than
    1000 fp of energy at 75 yards.

  62. Rodney Packard (verified owner)

    Good delivery. Looking to test accuracy.

  63. Jose Diaz (verified owner)

  64. Benjamin F Johnson (verified owner)

  65. Blanton Ellis (verified owner)

    I have not had the opportunity to fire the upper as yet, but am pleased with the appearance and quality of the upper.

  66. Dewayne Burgess (verified owner)

    Great Service. Will definitely be a return customer! Quick delivery!!

  67. Mike Todea (verified owner)

  68. Timothy Vogler (verified owner)

    Quality product haven’t had time to use the loads in your upper, but I expect great results. Thank you for your excellent product.

  69. Kevin Cavaretta (verified owner)

    Love this company and love this round!!!!!!!!! Love my upper and have committed this rifle to my night vision scope for all my hog hunts!!! Have a 308 for deer but as much as I love this rifle, I am going to try it out next season on them as well….. stay tuned!! (Not at night!!!!! lol)

  70. Steve M. Potvin

    I have to say that I’m more than pleased with the performance of this round. I took two of these 25/45 Sharps builds to our youth camp and everyone was impressed. They are very accurate and the recoil is a lot less than I thought it would be. And with a lot of children shooting, recoil really is an issue. I did manage to check velocities and they are somewhat lower than advertised specs but I think the advertised specs are what the 25/45 is capable of, not what they are loaded to. It’s been my experience that most manufacturers of ammunition will list the capabilities of the specific cartridge but rarely load them to those specs dues to liability. With so many people ready to file law suites at the drop of a hat, manufacturers have to be very careful that they don’t cause someones firearm to fail due to max loads. That’s why you never see the numbers that are listed when you shoot the ammunition. It’s called being smart. And in my book Sharps is being very smart in that area. All that being said, I think that SRC has done a great job with the 25/45 Sharps. I have several AR’s with their XPB Reliabolt with the DLC and of course their Barrels and I love them. These AR’s are very accurate and the Sharps 87 Grain Hot-Cor Cartridge has performed very very well. I also reload so I plan on experimenting with my loads but I am just as happy to stick with the factory loads. We went through 3,640 rounds at youth camp and we had a blast. “Quite literally” All with factory ammo and not a single misfire or feed problem. It’s a good thing I ran out of ammo otherwise I’d still be up there. ” Now I need to get more ammo for our Thanksgiving youth shooting event. We will go through just as much ammo as we did at camp”. The only issues I had were cycling issues but once I got the adjustable Gas Blocks tuned all that went away. Sharps did a great job making the 25/45 and I am a fan forever. Sorry my review is so long but I feel that if I’m going to do the review I want it to be complete and accurate. Lastly, it is really nice that Sharps filled in that gap we had for using the AR-15 line to hunt game with. Thank you SRC. Now if you could just start your own line of accessories.

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