25-45 Sharps Reloading Brass

25-45 Sharps Reloading Brass


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25-45 Sharps Reloading Brass Factory 2nds (Blems)

Caliber: 25-45 Sharps
Condition: Blems; Cosmetic Blemishes: Minor discoloration/oxidation of product or scratches on product. These blemishes will not affect performance.
Finish: Brass
Quantity: 100ct

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25-45 Sharps Reloading Brass Factory 2nds (blems).

Caliber: 25-45 Sharps
Condition: Blems. Does NOT affect performance!
Finish: Brass
Quantity: 100ct

Blems; Cosmetic Blemishes: Minor discoloration/oxidation of product or scratches on product. These blemishes will not affect performance.

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26 reviews for 25-45 Sharps Reloading Brass

  1. MIchael LaWall (verified owner)

    All cases appeared uniform and in good shape.

  2. Dennis (verified owner)

    This brass is very easy to produce from .223 brass, only the head stamp sets it apart. Brass is of good quality and seems to be very uniform.

  3. Randy Van Sickle (verified owner)

    Order was received in Alaska in 2 day

  4. Randall Bohannon (verified owner)

    Federal brass is decent brass.

  5. Doug Still (verified owner)

    Looking over this brass for any defects. Could not find one! That’s what you hope for, right?!

  6. charles (verified owner)

    It’s good to have brass with the proper headstamp!

  7. Greg V.

    Very excellent brass, reloading is just like .223 but with a much more impressive bullet.

  8. Donald McDowell

    Exactly as listed Good looking heavy and solid brass. Looks like they will stand up to many reloadings

  9. Zach

    Brass came shipped in good packaging without any type of damage. Looks like it’s ready to go thru the machine already.

  10. Joseph Herr

    Appearance is po perfect and all dimensions are per specification nice stuff

  11. Stephen Buck

    Excellent shipping times. Great quality brass. Personally bought them to make sure they didn’t end up in the 5.56 bin. I’m confident they will take multiple loads as long as I don’t push some primers when I’m experimenting with heavier loads.

  12. Nicholas Furio

    Clean, quality, new brass is always a pleasure to load. I’m slow and methodical, but I had 100 rounds ready to shoot in under an hour.

  13. Jacob Dobbins

    Quick turn around!

  14. James Illbeck

    I just finished reloading this brass with the loads recommended by your fine company, 5 shot groups less than 1/2 MOA fun to ring gongs up to 300 yards with every squeeze of the trigger

  15. Thomas Bryan

    This is good brass but you need to chamfer the ID of the neck as the 87 grain hot core Speer bullets will not sit on top when loading and it is easy to mess up some brass cases before you figure this out.

  16. Jim Nelson (verified owner)

    Excellent quality… Some of the best brass I ever bought…

  17. Donald (verified owner)

    Brass looks great and no trimming or sizing was required. Shipping very prompt.

  18. Warren Boyd (verified owner)

    Top quality.

  19. John Mihalik (verified owner)

    Sized and trimmed. Ready to load but haven’t loaded them yet.

  20. Mark Galpin (verified owner)

    I have not had a chance to reload any yet.
    Looks Great.

  21. Lester Custer (verified owner)

    Awesome quality. Really top shelf at a GREAT price. Cant wait to shoot the completed rifle.

  22. Randy (verified owner)

    New Federal Brass. good head stamp, primmer pockets are within specs with little to no flash hole burs. They are a little spendy but I will buy more.

  23. James Braun (verified owner)

    Great looking reloading brass. They arrived in perfect condition.

  24. Donnie Dixon (verified owner)

    Great Quality and excellent price.

  25. Marshall Short (verified owner)

    Typical new Federal brass. I only buy it to have the 25-45 head stamp.

  26. Paladins Hammer

    Very nice and clean Brass. It really isn’t all that much more work to size the .223 or 5.56 to the 25/45 Sharps but why! It is just nice to have everything with the correct head stamp, less chance of mistakes if you shoot .223 and 5.56 as well. Besides, having the correct Brass means you know you have the best for your Sharps. Yes it’s a bit more expensive than the standard .223 Brass but I truly feel it is worth it. I couldn’t be more satisfied with a Cartridge than I am with the 25/45 Sharps, they did what no one else did. They made the Ar-15 a truly great Deer Rifle and if you’re a really good shot, then you also have a pretty good Elk Rifle as well. If you can place the shot then there is absolutely no reason you couldn’t take down an Elk with the 25/45 Sharps. I have developed a great Deer and Elk load with the Hornady .25 CAL. .257″ 110 grain ELD-X® Part No. 25418 . The velocity is 2,750 Fps. and the Bullet drop at 300 yards is just under 8 inches and this is with the 24 inch Barrel. And it hits hard. Maybe some day I’ll share the recipe. So, thank you SRC for making another great product.

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