Laser Engraved 25-45 Sharps Ejection Port Cover Assembly

Laser Engraved 25-45 Sharps Ejection Port Cover Assembly


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Laser Engraved 25-45 Sharps Ejection Port Cover Assembly

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This SRC AR15 ejection port cover gives you the ability to quickly identify the caliber of your upper receiver. Finished in black, the cover features engraved 25-45 Sharps on the outside cover and 25-45 on the inside cover. Replaces your existing ejection port cover with this customized item. Complete ejection port cover assembly is included.

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34 reviews for Laser Engraved 25-45 Sharps Ejection Port Cover Assembly

  1. Robert Osborn (verified owner)

    Looks good

  2. brian griffis (verified owner)

    makes the build personal. nice touch

  3. Donald W Bissett (verified owner)

    awsome, easy to install looks great

  4. Jacob Dobbins (verified owner)

    Nice addition to my build!

  5. Greg Blum (verified owner)

    This, along with the SRC 20 round mags I purchased, alerts me that I’m shooting .25-45 from my other wise 5.56 AR 15.

  6. Trey Nicholson (verified owner)

    I have numerous AR rifles in various calibers. This port cover is well marked and provides simple identification to help avoid placing the wrong rounds in the gun.

  7. Stanley Snyder (verified owner)

    Some would say what needs to be said of a port door,Most times,I would agree,I used this on a Juggernaut upper,In the past I have had problems with these uppers,And the door not staying closed,Slightest bump and it would open,But not with this port door,It snaps closed with authority, And does not open unintentionally,

  8. James Wegman (verified owner)

    I needed a way to designate the caliber of my 25-45 Sharps and this was the best way! Quickly shipped, installed easily although it was hard to close. Some force was needed to make sure it stayed closed. All in all I very pleased!

  9. Harold Campbell (verified owner)

    you expect the best from the best and they are.

  10. Dale g Frost (verified owner)

    Was top notch,worked very well
    Fast shipping.

  11. Everett Van De Voort (verified owner)

    Fit and finish is terrific. Adds to looks of my new rifle.

  12. Hugo Munoz (verified owner)

    When I finally got my upper assembled I had posted a pic of it and immediately my buddies asked who made it, where can I get one, are we going to try it out, etc.
    The only answer I gave them was Sharps Rifle Company, and the parts numbers.
    I figure, the best way to thank you for an outstanding, highest of quality product is to send you more customers.
    Gratuity goes around in big circles..

  13. Donald McDowell (verified owner)

    Great design. Will allow the rifle to be identified with ease. Adds a sharp look to rifle

  14. Steven (verified owner)

    The ejection port was a good addition to my sharps 25-45 build.

  15. Forrest Clark (verified owner)

    Looks nice , fit well.

  16. Forrest Clark (verified owner)

    Nice fit & a great safety item to help avoid mixing ammo of different calibers in your AR’s!

  17. Donald (verified owner)

    Well pleased with great looking dust cover!

  18. Gilbert Villanueva (verified owner)

    Just what my build needs. Excellent quality great looking finishing touch to my rifle

  19. William Bolton (verified owner)

    This cover needs to be made a little thicker. I bent mine trying to install it, snapping it in place.

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This ejection port cover lets anyone who picks up your .25-45 Sharps AR know that it is not a standard 5.56, and that loading 5.56 ammunition could create an unsafe condition for the shooter and the rifle. To me, it was a safety feature. Fit, finish, and functionality of this piece is excellent.

  21. Mark Edwards (verified owner)

    As this was my first build SRC made my experience like putting together LEGO BLOCKS SRC IS MY NEW ONE STOP SHOPPING SITE

  22. Phil Whitehead (verified owner)

    This is a “Common Sense Gun Control Measure”!!
    If you can’t tell at a glance what caliber your upper is, you MAY grab the wrong ammo!!

    That would never do…

  23. Jim Stevens (verified owner)

    With multiple AR15 uppers it’s nice to have an item like this ejection port cover that is boldly engraved with the caliber of the upper. In this case the 25-45 with the Sharps logo on the outside (closed) section is nice with a classy look, but having 25-45 on the exposed (open) reverse portion as well is nice.
    Removes all doubt as to what chambering the rifle/upper is in. If nothing else, a good safety move for yourself and others.

  24. Cory Tebay (verified owner)

    I like the product!

  25. Steven Hall (verified owner)

    Looks great on my rifle. Open and closed.

  26. James Braun (verified owner)

    The cover is great addition to my 25 45 build, it gives it a custom look.

  27. Edward Pyle (verified owner)

    Went on easy and gives the rifle a custom look.

  28. Rene’ Ledezma (verified owner)

    Looks very good would recommend it.

  29. Bob Geisendaffer (verified owner)

  30. STEVE MEIER (ted miller facilitated my purchase) (verified owner)

    I haven’t put anything together yet as I’m awaiting other assembly parts from different providers. Engraveing is a nice touch.

  31. Richard Cawthon (verified owner)

    Very Sharp looking and adds a great touch to the rifle.

  32. Scott Elliott (verified owner)

    Item works as intended, like keeping my ARs numbered by caliber and the dust shield is a great place to do it.

  33. Martin McPheeters (verified owner)

    I ordered several parts to complete the build on an AR15 in 25/45 Sharps. Every item I ordered was shipped out immediately and arrived as promised and before the stated delivery date. The barrel is a work of art and the Ejection port cover is simply beautiful. I am very impressed not only with the high quality of the products but with the attention to detail, outstanding customer service, and their professionalism. I also ordered ammo and magazines with the Sharps logo etched on them. I will for sure be a repeat customer for a long time!

  34. wynn (verified owner)

    Bought this to identify cal of my AR upper. I really like the font and clarity will go a long way to indicating proper cal use in the right upper thanks sharps

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