Sharps 25-45 Sharps Complete Upper Assembly

Sharps 25-45 Sharps Complete Upper Assembly


(33 customer reviews)

This upper includes a 416R stainless steel Sharps Precision Barrel featuring polygonal 1 in 10” twist rifling, M4 feed ramps and 5/8”-24 muzzle threads. Additional features include 25-45 Sharps laser engraved ejector port door cover and our patent pending Relia-Bolt and XPB Balanced Bolt Carrier assembly.

XPB BCG in DLC ($0.00)
XPB BCG in FDE ($10.00)
XPB BCG in NiB-X ($30.00)
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Sharps is proud to offer this outstanding Complete AR-15 Upper Assembly chambered in the potent 25-45 Sharps that comes fully assembled and ready to drop onto any standard AR-15 lower receiver. This upper includes a 416R stainless  Sharps Precision Barrel featuring polygonal 1 in 10” twist rifling, M4 feed ramps and 5/8”-24 muzzle threads. Additional features include 25-45 Sharps laser engraved ejection port door cover and our patent pending Relia-Bolt and XPB Balanced Bolt Carrier assembly.

Technical Information

  • 416R Stainless Steel
  • Muzzle Thread Pattern: 5/8″-24
  • Chamber: 25-45 Sharps
  • M4 Feed Ramps: Yes
  • Muzzle Device: Muzzle thread protector
  • Gas Block Diameter: 0.750″
  • Handguard: Diamondhead 13.5″ Free-Floating
  • Sharps XPB BCG Bolt Carrier Assembly

Download Reloading Data Sheet Here

Additional information

Weight 160.0000001411 oz
Barrel Length

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Rifle Case

Muzzle Brake


Hand Guard


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33 reviews for Sharps 25-45 Sharps Complete Upper Assembly

  1. bob penrod (verified owner)

    very please Bruce was GREAT!! very helpful

  2. Richard Craig (verified owner)

    Your service was very prompt and your product looks great. I got a chance to play with it on a limited basis and found it to be above my expectations. Looking forward to more extensive testing on an upcoming hunting trip.

  3. richard hawley (verified owner)

    relia bolt worked with out a flaw, reloading data showed signs of high pressure when using a2200 25 gr with a 75 gr hp bullet.. Accuracy was about as good as advertised about 1.5 inches with my reloads out of the box, at 100 yards… you need to publish more loads such as a load using winchester 748 and a number of weight bullets..

  4. Debra L King (verified owner)

    still waiting on FEDEX!

  5. Tommy Hood

    Had mine about a year shoots very good the 25-45 upper is very nice

  6. Wayne Carver (verified owner)

    The Diamondhead rail is the most comfortable and best looking rail in the market. The upper is a work of art and my 1st 5 shots were under 3/4″. Sharps hit a home run for sure

  7. Ben Arnold (verified owner)

    Super easy to install on my already built lower. Two pins and done. Shoots well with “stock” ammo from Sharps right from the get go. As far as my first AR build goes, it was the easiest and most exciting part of the build. Expectations were met and exceeded. I just wish I could have held out three more days and got the free case with the upper!!! All in all, well worth the money!

  8. mark e shelton (verified owner)


  9. Greg V. (verified owner)

    This is a top end upper, love the Diamondhead forearm, mated very tightly to a Rock River lower. Have fired only test shots with three different 87 grain bullets, digested them no problem. Range work next weekend and it will be ready for black bear, wolves and coyotes! I already am very impressed with the whole set up, much better than .223!

  10. Rodney McCaul (verified owner)

    I recently received my 25-45 upper assembly and was excited to get to the range. Incredible accuracy, I am very pleased. 3 shot group at 100 yds, bullet holes touching!

  11. Gonzalo Alonso (verified owner)

    works great and beatifull finish

  12. Scott Miller (verified owner)

    Have not yet received ammo yet but the upper is one sweet piece of workmanship. After shooting will send another review on accuracy. Happy with costumer service everyone has went out of their way to make the experience a pleasure. A special thanks to Randy who has take more calls and answered more questions then anyone should, thank you.

  13. Robert Lyons (verified owner)

    I had no problems with the upper assembly. Fit, finish and function were flawless. The product was well packaged and arrived undamaged. The rifle case it was shipped in was a bonus.

  14. John Mihalik (verified owner)

    Shot my new upper this week. Sighted in easily with factory 70 grain ammo. Zero’d @ 25 yards and tweaked it in zapping rocks on the 200 yard berm. I love it!

  15. Shawn Kimbrell (verified owner)

    The people at SRC are top notch, very willing to help answer any and all questions. Very professional.
    Larry Anderson
    Manager at
    graveyard Gun shop

  16. Ron Beason (verified owner)

    I bought this to have a .25 cal. In an AR. I am a fan of the .257 Roberts and have shot that for years. I also shoot .25-06, so adding the .25-45 was a simple choice. I found the product to be an instant fit on the BRO lower I had. I found it to be very accurate, with both the remanufactured fmj, and the new production ammo.

  17. Joel White (verified owner)

    Quality and customer service. My collection has a new favorite. My first three handloads went under 1 inch@100yds. This combination is worthy of some serious work out to 400 yds. I will send the results as I go. My lower will get a match trigger now to complement your excellent product. Thanks

  18. J.Tolentino (verified owner)

    This complete upper from src definitely did not disappoint. From the upper receiver all the way to the muzzle break, it performed flawlessly with the 25-45 70 grain ammo I ran through it. Can’t wait to take this out hunting. Src customer service was top notch and super friendly. I highly recommend this anyone who wants to step up from a 223/556. This upper receiver fits on any lower Ar-15 receiver which is awesome

  19. Garry Phelan (verified owner)

    Operation has been excellent. The best hundred yard five shot group with 87 grain sierra’s is with A2200 23.0 grs is 1.5 inches. and about the same with X-terminator and 26.5 grs. I’m now working on different brands and lighter wgt. bullets

  20. Tom Minton (verified owner)

    A beautifully machined upper. The quality of craftsmanship induced me into buying this different length upper to go with my 25-45 rifle. Great service and great product!

  21. Lawrence Bengtson (verified owner)

    product was as stated / need to put in a parts breakdown mamual

  22. Gaylord Koehn (verified owner)

    This purchase was very easy. Phone support was better than expected. All my questions were answered as needed. I am building yet and don’t have data available as of now. I would certainly contact this company again if needed.

  23. Lawrence Egger (verified owner)

    Looks Great fits Great I haven’t fired it as of today I will update my review when I do.

  24. thomas andrews (verified owner)

    Received the order fast and order was perfect.Very good quality.When I phoned about what I wanted.Was very pleased with the people I spoke to.Good Company to buy from.Very Satisfied

  25. Graham Adler (verified owner)

    Great build quality. Looking forward to shooting it.

  26. Donnie Dixon (verified owner)

    One word: FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! I shoot dime size groups with sharps factory ammo. Great for all people.

  27. John Wagner (verified owner)

    Very happy, but found small imperfections…2 locking screws for forearm found scratches from installation. Forearm rail and upper receiver rail don’t match exactly. Product is good.

  28. JaQuavious Childs (verified owner)

  29. Blanton Ellis (verified owner)

    Have not fired the upper as yet but am completely pleased with the appearance and quality of the purchase. Exactly as advertised.

  30. Thomas Campbell (verified owner)

    Received my upper and I am more than satisfied.

  31. Rod Odekirk

    Had my upper for a couple of years now and it has been great. Excellent piece of Kit.

  32. Elmer J Fultz

    After shooting around 150 rounds no cleaning and getting sub 1″ groups all day long without any hick-ups , very impressive. And getting wows and complements on the feel and look of the weapon I am happy to say that this is a winner. The timing and feel when shooting was top notch. Thanks guys for the excellent service and help when purchasing.

  33. michael j voyack (verified owner)

    a premium built upper in a superb caliber. that shoots “faster, flatter, and farther” than the .30 caliber rounds based on the .223 case. By the way my Sharps upper would not close on my Colt AR 15 A1 lower because being manufactured in the early 1990’s it has the notorious “sear block” :, a rectangular piece of metal behind the trigger in the lower receiver to supposedly prevent the installation of an auto sear. This impinges on the bottom of the bolt carrier preventing closure. Either have the sear block removed or get out your Dremel or similar rotary power tool and grind the sear block down. Now it all works flawlessly.

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