Sharps Precision 25-45 Sharps Barrel 18″


Sharps Precision 25-45 Sharps Barrel 18″

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Sharps is proud to offer this outstanding mid-length barrel precisely made to our exacting technical specifications. This 18″ AR-15/M16/M4 barrel is made from 416R stainless steel and is chambered in potent 25-45 Sharps cartridge.

Technical Information:

  • Length: 18″
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Type 416R
  • Chamber: 25-45 Sharps
  • Twist Rate: 1 in 10″
  • Finish: Stainless Steel or Black Shot Peen
  • Muzzle: Threaded 5/8″ x 24tpi
  • Gas Port Location: Mid-Length
  • Mid length gas tube
  • Gas Block Diameter: 0.750″
  • Magnetic particle inspected
  • Weight: 2.94 lbs (HBAR); 2.53 lbs (LP)

Additional information

Weight 64.000000056438 oz
Barrel Length

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35 reviews for Sharps Precision 25-45 Sharps Barrel 18″

  1. willys drawe (verified owner)

    great product and fast shipping will by from you again

  2. Nicholas Furio (verified owner)

    Very pleased with barrel so far.Installation went without a hitch.I especially appreciated the dimpling on the underside of the barrel for the gas block set screw. Definitely facilitated installation of gas block. Put about 60 handloads through it a few days ago. Seems to be grouping about 1 moa at 100 yds. I’m sure this will tighten up as I settle on a handload the barrel favors.

  3. ROBERT CRANE (verified owner)

    Service was excellent & excellent quality product. After the sale service was beyond excellent. thank you!!!

  4. Frank Haines (verified owner)

    I have ordered 2 of the 25-45 sharps barrels with fast shipping and great customer service on this new caliber. 1/2 inch group at 100 yards. Get one!

  5. BW (verified owner)

    Got my barrel and love it. The quality, packaging, fit and finish are all great. The communication from order through shipment was awesome as well. I look forward to trying out this new build as soon as I get some ammo loaded! Planning on adding a Relia Bolt to the build soon.

  6. richard simonelli (verified owner)

    The barrel looks great hope to complete my build soon

  7. Dennis (verified owner)

    1st trip to range produced 1.5″ groups @ 100 yards. I’m confident with some trial and error with loads that can be improved. UPDATE With H335 powder and Sierra 75gr Varminters I’m now consistently getting .5″ groups at 100 yds. GOOD JOB SRC!!!

  8. John Kiely (verified owner)

    The barrel is well made and the Machine work is very clean. The barrel shoots very accurate and the crown on muzzle is done well.

  9. bar-d (verified owner)

    I purchased the 18″ 25-45 Sharps barrel to build a replacement for one of my 5.56 uppers. The barrel’s fit and finish is flawless. I have just begun to work up a load for coyotes using the Sierra 70 grain Blitzking. I have made it to my goal of 3000 fps through the 18″ barrel and am now in the process of tuning the load for accuracy and rifle function. I have been considering a 25-45 Sharps build ever since I heard about it a couple of years ago. My only regret is it took me this long to go ahead with the project. The customer service at SRC has been stellar, all my questions have been promptly addressed in a direct, courteous manner. Couldn’t be happier with my dealings with them.

  10. Paul Allen (verified owner)

    The barrel and finish was way beyond my expectations when compared to other barrels I have purchased. Fit and finish was excellent. The proof is how accurate will it shoot from a AR type platform. Response time and service was outstanding. Thanks for you support and modification to the original purchase order. Everything worked out perfect.

  11. Larry Maxwell

    I recently purchased the H-bar 18″ black 25-45 barrel the quaility is A+, after completing the assembly of my new sharps barrel I loaded some 75g sierra hp and 26.5 grains of h335 just as break in round, all I can say is I’m impressed bullets were one ragged hole at 100yds I’m currently awaiting some 87g hotcore bullets to arrive for further load development thanks SRC for great products and service.

  12. kevin smith (verified owner)

    I love this barrel! This is my new favorite AR15 and several of my shooting buddies are ordering the same! I have the 18″ HBAR with ~200 rounds through it to date, and this will shoot sub moa without a problem. I can consistently shoot a Quarter without any problems. Even shot a coyote in the eye at 220 yards! Dont hesitate, this is a top notch barrel at an entry level price. Personally the 87gr soft points have provided the best accuracy for me. The recoil is no more than a noral 5.56 round. I am using a spikes ST-T2 buffer and a Ares Armor Effin-A 308 comp. This barrel is threaded for 308 which is 5/8 x24 because a normal 223 muzzle device would obviously not work with a 25 cal bullet. This is going to be my new white tail gun for the fall!

  13. Zach (verified owner)

    This HBAR barrel is definitely built to last and very impressive. The rifling in the barrel was flawless. Overall great craftsmanship from Sharps.

  14. Connie (verified owner)

    barrel was delivered faster than expected. has a great feel and balance about it. have not put any rounds through it yet.

  15. Katherine Means (verified owner)

    This barrel has shot 3 different bullets into MOA so far. Based off of my load development it looks like it will be the best shooter I’ve had!!! Weight seems about right and it balances well. So far I’m very happy with this barrel.

  16. James H Wall (verified owner)

    The barrel is great, I did not know that flash hider had different size than regular 223-5.56 and I did not find out I had to have a different length gas tube, none of this was Sharps fault, it was mine, I am a very satisfied customer.

  17. Drake Becksted

    I received my barrel in August or September of last year. I ordered a package that was available at the time that; $249.99 for an 18″ 1:9 SS HBAR and RCBS dies. Let me say, I am impressed and very happy with the products. The dies work great and the barrel is stellar. My build is accurate and the 1:9 twist loves the 80-90gr bullets. I have achieved sub MOA groups with 90gr Blitzkings. The performance has been so great my father now wants me to build him a 20″ rifle. You will not be disappointed with this barrel.

  18. James Huseth (verified owner)

    Well made,quality barrel……excellent service

  19. Rafael Garcia (verified owner)

    As far as i can tell the barrel is in excellent condition. As i put my AR25-45 together i will let youj know aboujt the peformance

  20. Donald (verified owner)

    I have not shot the barrel yet but looks outstanding with excellent machine work.

  21. Vacheriekid (verified owner)

    Great barrel. I used an Anderson upper and a Plamato lower and the rifle looks great. Used the SRC 87 grain hot cores to test function – great. Sited in with my loads made with the RCBS dies at 25 yards. Can’t wait to site in at 200 yards.

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fit/ finish of the stainless steel 18″ HBAR is fantastic. I experienced near MOA accuracy right out of the box with SRC’s ReliaBolt and some hand loads. However, I do wish that SRC would release some more reloading data.

  23. James Catron (verified owner)

    Thanks to your excellent customer service staff in getting the right barrel I wanted. Thanks again.

  24. good2us (verified owner)

    I received the barrel a couple of weeks ago…. and I have to say that “IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT”!!! Excellent quality and yes I know that it does not make it a good barrel, but, I love the laser etched logo. It assembled with ease, absolutely no issues.
    Last weekend I took it out to a private range and just like the quality of the barrel it shot great, again no issues at all. Because this is the first time handloading and shooting the 25-45, I only fired 20 rounds, it did not disappoint. I did not shoot for accuracy, just a test.
    I am looking forward to taking it out again and shoot for accuracy and some hunting time. If all goes well I am hoping to get the 20″ barrel as well.
    I like different and the 25-45 Sharps fills that need. So if anyone likes to be different as well then this caliber and the Sharps Rifle Co. is for you too!

  25. Jacob Loewen (verified owner)

    I love the barrel

  26. Michael Hamel (verified owner)

    Ordering was easy, delivery was quick and the quality was very impressive.
    Took it to the range last weekend and it’s every bit as accurate as I expected.

  27. Richard Pitts (verified owner)

    The barrel is very well made and packaged extremely well. Have not finished the rifle yet but I am very pleased with the barrel.

  28. Joe Sawmiller (verified owner)

    SCR was great to deal with. I ordered 18″ HBAR, RCBS dies, and 5 boxes of shells for the 25-45. Items were shipped very fast and I love the new caliber.

  29. otto kittel (verified owner)

    FIRST IMPRESSION OUT OF THE BOX WAS QUALITY FINISH AND VERY GOOD LOOKING MACHINE WORK. The dimpled for the gas block was spot on. The black finish seems to be very durable. Out on the range for the first shooting was perfect! Smooth cycle, no hicups! shot 50 rounds to get the barrel set in. 1 1/4 inch groups were the norm, but did get a 1 inch five shot group at 100 yards. The customer service was great answering my dumb question. I was so impressed, I ordered another barrel for another build. Barrels of that quality cost 2 time what SRC charge. Happy customer!

  30. Lou G. (verified owner)

    Ordered the 18″ 25-45 barrel, and waited, and waited, and waited. Called and inquired my order and was met with nothing but Courteous and Accommodating customer service and frequent up to date email info on my order, and the option to upgrade to stainless for waiting longer than expected. Need an AR part? Bolt, Barrel, Upper, Whole rifle??? ORDER A SHARPS!!!

  31. Tylor Langley (verified owner)

    I do not think Their is a Better company out here to order a barrel from very responsive and helpful staff that ensure you as a customer fill number one from a 5 dollar part to a barrel your still made to feel that you are valued as a person
    And the quality of their in house milled barrels is par none

  32. Tom J. (verified owner)

    Barrel shoots sub MOA! After a 2 month wait I completed my build and it shot 1/2 to 3/4 MOA groups! I am no sniper so these groups were making me feel great! Wish I could feel as good about the lack of communication with Sharps! No notification for a deliver date and when it was delivered I was not home ! Plus the conversation with customer service that I had 32 days after my order, that was never followed up by them!? Good outcome that is what counts!

  33. M Feltner (verified owner)

  34. Cruz S Gonzales jr. (verified owner)

    Fast, very beautiful barrel be purchasing another one.

  35. Jerry L Ashe (verified owner)

    Super barrel, my 3rd sharps gun this one Tac2
    Take down AR.

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