Basic Conversion Kit


Basic Conversion Kit

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The 25-45 Sharps Basic Conversion Kit includes:

  • Sharps Precision Barrel of your choice
  • Engraved Dust Cover
  • 2 Boxes of 87gr HotCore Cartridges
  •  XPB DLC Reliabolt Bolt
  • Magazine of your choice
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The 25-45 Sharps Basic Conversion Kit includes:

  • Sharps Precision Barrel of your choice
  • Engraved Dust Cover
  • 2 Boxes of 87gr HotCore Cartridges
  • Patent XPB DLC Reliabolt (U.S. Patent No. 9,863,729)
  • Magazine of your choice

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47 reviews for Basic Conversion Kit

  1. john chaney (verified owner)

    great experience doing business with SRC. tks

  2. Ben McAllister (verified owner)

    I Finished my Sharps 25-45 build over the weekend. I started with a stripped S&W M&P Lower Receiver. I used a Sharps 18″ barrel, with a Sharps NP3A Plus Reliabolt and carrier, A Giessele Super Gas Block, Hogue Olive Drab furniture a Bravo Company Upper & Charging handle. I got a chance to shoot it yesterday. It performed flawlessly and held a tight group while sighting in. I love this rifle.

  3. Toby Burkhart (verified owner)

    Hassle free ordering online with fast delivery.

  4. Michael Seykoski (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with the finish of the barrel. The caliber marked ejection port cover was a nice touch. I haven’t had a chance to shoot the build yet, but the barrel fit very tightly in the Spikes upper that I was using, requiring a few taps with a soft face mallet to seat it. The 20 inch barrel looks very businesslike and a 15 inch free-float keymod handguard complements it very nicely.

  5. Eric Hinds (verified owner)

    First of all the quality of the SS barrels I ordered was amazing. The first rifle I built was for my 9 year old daughter to hunt with. The 87 grain round dropped her small buck without a problem. It performed so well, I used it to kill yet another Kansas monster buck for myself! When zeroing the barrel held a 5 shot group of .68 inches at 100yards. I definitely recommend this kit and round to those who do not like recoil when hunting deer…just plain awesome. Thank you sharps for excellent products and superior customer service.

  6. JV Plett (verified owner)

    Great barrel nice additional items supplied by sharps, the cover and magazine are a very nice touch. Customer service and shipping could not be better

  7. Glyn Jordan (verified owner)

    Everything I hoped it to be. A serious upgrade to the 5.56 NATO at every level. The barrel’s quality & accuracy is top notch. My 1st, and only, reload (26g H322, Sierra 87g Spitzer, Rem 7 1/2 BR primer) produced very tight consistent groups. An .875″ 5 shot group, with 4 going inside .500″, was among many consistently tight examples. Very satisfied and would highly recommend to anyone who appreciates the added potency and accuracy potential of this cartridge.

  8. GUN NUTT (verified owner)

    Shipment arrived on time and the best quality I’ve used to date. Barrel was finished to incredible tolerances. Threads are clean and proper relief cut at shoulder allowing perfect fit for muzzle break

  9. Ted Cole (verified owner)

    Received my purchase within a few days. Packaging was very professional and the barrel looks great. Can’t wait to get this
    build together and give the test!

    Thank you

  10. Rick Linehan (verified owner)

    After placing my order for the basic conversion kit, i was very impressed with #1 how fast my order was processed, and shipped. #2 the fact that SRC took the time to e-mail load data to me without being asked. #3 the overall quality of all the parts ordered.
    I could not be more happy with my purchase, or with SRC and its people.

  11. Lyle Dunn (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, well packaged, received exactly what I ordered and it was all very good quality, I ordered two barrels with the dies and received the 20 round clip, one set for me one for a friend that is doing a build with me. Have not use the barrel or tried the reloading dies. thinking all will go well.

  12. Glenn McMillan (verified owner)

    Fit and finish is great, haven’t been able to get to the range yet.
    I hope someone with more knowledge on computers will start a forum on this, it would nice to see what people are doing with the 25/45. I think it will be a great round.
    Thank SRC for another option.

  13. Robert Walker jr (verified owner)

    I have been completely satisfied with everything that I have ordered and possibly looking into ordering another barrel kit but doing a carbine now

  14. Landon (verified owner)

    With a promo code, cost came down to $260.99 shipped. Dies are almost $75 by themselves, $20 for the Pmag, bringing the barrel cost down to $165!

    Putting the savings into a reloading press and supplies

  15. John Dawson

    3/4″ groups at 100 yards with 87gr Sierra soft points pushed by H322.

  16. Matthew Small (verified owner)

    Very excited to finish my build and start slinging lead down range. Beautiful product with fast shipping and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the product. I will be back to top it off with a relia bolt.

  17. Don Wolfe (verified owner)

    I greatly appreciated the service by the people I talked to because I actually called two times and talked with Randy. He was a great help which convinced me to make the purchase. The order arrived in just a few days and the barrel and other items looked great. The parts went together quickly and without a problem. Looking forward to getting to the range.

  18. Michael Brown (verified owner)

    I am extremely pleased with the appearance, quality, and attention to detail that Sharps took in producing the kit I purchased. First the order was placed, filled, and shipped in a matter of two days. It arrived in hand in just 3 more days so to say I’m pleased with the shipping time is an understatement. Second the products were packaged very well. Everything was bubble wrapped and tightly packed. Third the products were top notch and exceeded my expectations. The die set is a quality made 3 die set that I’m looking forward to using. And finally everything went together flawlessly, no issues what so ever, and it looks fantastic. Two thumbs up and a big smile. ????????????

  19. william kaller (verified owner)

    Great to deal with Lighting fast shipping!!!
    Excellent Quality will buy from again

    Thanks willie

  20. Joshua Richard (verified owner)

    Gas block dimple on barrel is drilled slightly off just doesn’t look pleasing to the eye

  21. Larry Maxwell (verified owner)

    Recently purchased the 18″ black H-bar conversion kit, everything arrived well packaged and in a timely manner the die set is a rcbs small base set perfect for converting 223 brass to 25-45 sharps I am very pleased thus far and will be making other purchases in the future

  22. tony jarvis (verified owner)

    Fast shipping put it together shot very well with the blemished factory ammo.

  23. James Inglis (verified owner)

    Top quality parts.
    Customer service has been great all questions i have had have been replied to very quickly.
    Have not had it out to the range yet but the SS barrel and engraved ejection port cover look great.
    Also the 20 rd pmag was a nice addition very pleased.

  24. J B (verified owner)

    Excellent kit, fit and finish was perfect.
    I would buy another.

  25. donald whisnant (verified owner)

    nice finish on black barrel fast shipping a joy to deal with. wish they had more reloading data on this round.

  26. Darren Roy (verified owner)

    Very well pleased with this product! Over all finish of the barrel is great! Customer service is second to none! No problems during the transaction and shipping was very timely.

  27. big mike (verified owner)

    purchased a 20″ ss light profile conversion for a custom build src answered all my questions and concerns. very fast shipping to the east coast. mine came with dies and dust cover and I opted for a 20 round mag just finished it and cant wait for the weather to break to try it. planning on another for my grandson very soon UPDATE 5/1/2016 was having cycling problems contacted SRC very friendly, courteous and helpful sent the upper back they are going to diagnose the problem and make the fix cant ask for better support and customer service thanks to all

  28. Brad Gatlin (verified owner)

    the sales staff are than than willing to answer any questions or concerns. products arrived fast and high quality

  29. Darrell Steward (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased and installed three of the 20″ stainless barrel/conversion kits. I have examined the interiors of all three barrels with a bore scope and always found them high quality and very accurate. Forming brass and loading for the .25-45 Sharps is very easy with the RCBS dies.

    Where you are picking the products up at their facility, or having the items shipped, the staff at Sharps Rifle Company are always fast, efficient and friendly!

  30. Tacky (verified owner)

    Received the basic kit with a 20″ stainless hbar profile. Machine work was great, bolt, engraved dust cover and pmag all have the src markings. Muzzle is threaded for just about any 30 caliber muzzle device. I have wanted to build this caliber since I read about it several months back, I already have several 5.56 rifles, 6.5 grendel, 6.8spc, and several 308. I assembled it in an a4 fashion and can’t wait to get it out and try it. It appears as a normal a4 20″, and is a sleeper with the more powerful round. I did have a metal shaving in the barrel where the gas port was drilled, but thats not the first time I have seen this with a new barrel. Cleaning brush and rod is all is needed to remove it. I feel that this kit is a great upgrade over the 5.56, the added power allows more flexibility. If your thinking of buying one, I would recommend it. Shipping was 4 days to the door. Way to go Sharps. Now to buy the dies, and work up a good reload for it.

  31. Bur (verified owner)

    Prompt shipment – quality round! Only shot a few of the 87 grain in the initial test of my 25-45 build. Only issue was that had to adjust my gas block to get round to cycle. Used adj gas block for suppressed shooting!
    NP3 BCG and 18″ barrel are quality products. Functions great so far – looking forward to sighting in and shooting longer distances!

  32. Ray Walters (verified owner)

    My Sharps order arrived promptly, and initial inspection of the barrel/bolt setup was very satisfying. Fit and finish is excellent, the barrel fit snugly to my upper receiver, and the barrel/bolt headspace was right on spec. Put a new 1-4×24 Bushnell on it yesterday. Looking forward to getting it on the range.

  33. Stephen Prowse (verified owner)

    I am a manager at a gun store in Wichita, Ks.. I purchased the$249.00 2545 conversion for my personal use. I was pleasantly surprised when it shipped out faster than I expected. Everything was there and I am still collecting parts for the upper. I hope to have it all assembled in a couple of weeks. I will try to get it to the range then, too. So far I’m very pleased with it.

  34. Christopher Wilson (verified owner)

    Quality parts that arrived very quickly. The finish on the barrel and bolt are flawless. The polygonal rifling is a work of art. I placed my reliably in a POF bolt carrier to make the most frictionless bolt on earth. These guys are innovators. If you want a super accurate, hard hitting rifle, you should really get yourself a 25-45 Sharps. You will not be sorry!

  35. johnny u (verified owner)

    put barrel on billet upper took it to the range it shot 5 shot group at 100 yards 1/2 group 1 flier very very happy this is my deer gun thank you …… SRC

  36. John Pierce (verified owner)

    Got my upper going, shoots great hit steel very hard big difference from 223.

  37. Dale (verified owner)

    Everything fit perfectly.

  38. goatstalker160 (verified owner)

    Though I haven’t fired it yet the fit and finish is excellent. Looking forward to this antelope season in Colorado!

  39. Joshua Kaufman (verified owner)

    The basic conversion kit is very well put together and was easy to install. The 20″ stainless steel barrel was very accurate out of the box, I have already taken two deer within the first week of using this rifle.

  40. Donald O. Slack (verified owner)

    The kit arrived in good order can’t wait to do my build and see how it works out, quit happy with my order arrived fast. Thank you

  41. clayton collins (verified owner)

    Had no problem with the conversion, shot well after, but haven’t completed final sight in. Gun impressed my friends. Ordered more ammo. Looking forward to hunting season.

  42. James Hearn (verified owner)

    I bought the 25/45 conversion for an extra AR M&P 15 I had. Purpose built the AR for Hog hunting here in Texas. The basic conversion package arrived on time and complete. Big thumbs up to the people at SRC. The barrel and bolt installed without issue. With a 3-9×40 installed, the gun sighted in quickly must add very accurate out of the box. Since then, the gun has dirt rolled quite a few hogs without incident.This gun is now my go to hog without question.

  43. Randy Witt (verified owner)

    The stainless steel is vary nicely done. A grate kit for the price thanks Randy

  44. Thomas Stanley (verified owner)

    At the time I placed my order the Basic Conversion Kit was on back order and was told it was only a few weeks out. Well it ended up being over 3 months due to SRC moving to Florida and a hurricane but Kim and Vickie sent me updates as to the status and am I glad I waited. This thing is a tack driver with SRC ammo I am getting 1″ groups regularly while breaking in. Finish on BCG and barrel are flawless. I am well pleased with my SRC products.

  45. Mitch (verified owner)

    Bought this kit (20 inch, lightweight, black) and the loading dies and built my dream rifle. Excellent accuracy with factory 87g, no problems and runs great in all mags as advertised. Chrono’d and tested this summer and fall with easy 300yd accuracy. Take their 3000fps with a grain of salt. My results at 1200elevation 86deg and humid were 2800fps and fall weather results at 60deg of 2670fps. Still a lot of power but was expecting more. My Custom reloads are 87g at 2880fps also 100g Speer BTSP at 2720fps and Sierra Prohunter100g at 2700fps at 86F degrees and 15′ from muzzle. Magnum CCI primers are a must for these handloads. Their Sharps Bolt is a very nice product also. Bottom line is buy this kit if you want your AR to have the most performance possible with factory like reliability and magazine capacity. The only downside is Sharps factory ammo is 3X as expensive…so reload!

  46. Roger Disotell (verified owner)

    The kit is very well made and goes together with any AR lower and upper receiver. The kit needs to include a gas tube for the designated barrel purchased, and 4 boxes of ammo.

    Shipping sucked almost 11 days from Florida to Tennessee is just to long.

  47. EG (verified owner)

    Order was smooth and fulfillment was prompt. Order confirmation provided as well as tracking info.

    Looking forward to build, lots of parts on the way!

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