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Sharps Adjustable Gas Recoil System

US Patents 9,291,415 - 9,528,783


This procedure requires the rifle to be fired.

You will need to use a range or facility where it is safe and legal to test fire.

Firearms are inherently dangerous and should only be handled by competent qualified individuals.  Always keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction to avoid harm or injury to you or others.

The Sharps Adjustable Gas Recoil System comes set wide open and will need to be initially adjusted. 


1. Using the 5/64 hex wrench, turn in (clockwise) the self-locking gas adjusting screw until completely closed. Note: Do not over tighten. This completely closes the gas to the carrier.

2. Now turn the adjusting set screw counter clockwise (3) three complete turns. This is a good starting point.

3. Install BCG (Bolt & Carrier Group) into your rifle.

4. Load a magazine with one (1) cartridge.

5. At a place safe to test fire, load the rifle.

6. Pointing in a safe direction, fire the rifle.

7. Check to see if the bolt locks open.


If YES, remove BCG and proceed to step 8.


If NO, turn set screw counter clockwise ¼ turn and repeat steps 3 through 7 until locks open. Then continue to step 8.

8. At this point finetune adjust to your desired setting. This should ensure reliable operation.

9. Apply a small amount of Loctite 242 to the Self-Locking Gas Adjustment Screw as a

    secondary means of locking.

Tuning procedure finished.

Note: After a firing session, it would be wise to turn the adjustable set screw one turn counterclockwise and then one turn clockwise to return it to its adjusted setting.

This would ensure that gas fouling will not seize the adjustable set screw in place.