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SAGRS - Adjustable Gas Key Retrofit Instructions

US Patents 9,291,415 - 9,528,783

Always make sure when handling a firearm that it is safe, unloaded and kept pointed in a direction not to cause or lead to harm or injury. Firearms are inherently dangerous and should only be handled by competent qualified individuals. 


(1) Sharps Adjustable Gas Recoil System (Gas Key)

(2) Socket Head Cap Screws 8-32x1/4

(1) Loctite 242 use on adjustment set screw

(1) Loctite 246 use on gas key cap screws

(1) Hex wrench - 5/64

(1) Hex wrench - 9/64 


1. Disassemble Bolt & Carrier Group. 

2. Remove the two socket head cap screws securing the gas key. DO NOT REUSE THESE SCREWS. Discard these screws. 

3. Remove the Gas Key. 

4. Clean the carrier with acetone or it’s equivalent where the Gas Key was removed. 

Make sure any sealant or oil that may be left on the carrier is removed. 

Apply a thin layer of 246 Loctite to bottom of gas key.

5. Clean the bottom of the new SAGRS. It needs to be free of oil. 

6. Apply a thin layer of 246 Loctite to the bottom of the new SAGRS around the gas port.

7. Place the New Gas Key on the carrier. 

8. Without delay, apply a small amount of Loctite 246 to the threads of the two 8-32x1/4 socket head cap screws and immediately place in the New Gas Key and fasten to the carrier using the 9/64 hex wrench provided. The torque specification is 50 to 58 inch-pounds. Note: Loctite can start setting immediately. Full cure requires 24 hours.

Note: SRC recommends that a qualified gunsmith should install the gas key and stake them in place

9. Reassemble Bolt & Carrier Group. 

10. Apply Loctite (242) to the self-locking gas adjustment screw after tuning your rifle.