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Today, the “new” Sharps Rifle Company (Sharps) is dedicated to building on the great legacy of Christian Sharps commitment to “build a better mouse trap.” These days there’s no question that America’s all-around “workhorse” rifle is the AR/ MSR, in various versions the U.S. military service rifle, the choice of law enforcement agencies around the country and hugely popular in the civilian market for personal protection, as well as for a variety of hunting and target shooting applications.

In the same way that Christian Sharps sought to improve on the breechloader designs of his era, the folks at Sharps now have their eye on improvements and advancements in respect to critical AR/MSR components. “The tremendous popularity of the AR/MSR platform,” notes Jay Johnston, President and CEO “speaks for itself. It is a highly versatile platform that is adaptable to a wide variety of applications. Our goal at Sharps has been not to build yet another version of the AR/MSR but instead to take a close look at how we can make a great rifle even better.”

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