Sharps Xtreme Performance Bolt (Relia-Bolt™) in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)

Sharps Xtreme Performance Bolt (Relia-Bolt™) in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)


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The Sharps Xtreme Performance Bolt (XPB) in DLC (diamond Like Carbon), is our patented Relia-Bolt™ finished in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating.

The redesigned lugs of the Relia-Bolt™ virtually eliminate the most common MSR malfunction; the bolt to barrel extension jam. Haven’t cleaned your rifle? Is it out of time?  The Relia-Bolt™ compensates by providing a patented camming action which guides the bolt past obstructions and into battery. (U.S. Patent No. 9,863,729) The rounded/tapered lugs push past carbon and debris when the square edges of traditional bolts would typically jam. Once into battery, the rear edges of the lugs fully engage the barrel extension for absolute strength and security.

Unmatched Strength and Durability

The Relia-Bolt™ is machined from S7 tool steel and tempered with SRC’s proprietary heat-treating process, significantly increasing strength when compared to MilSpec Carpenter 158. S7 provides a 75% increase in tensile strength, and nearly 60% improvement in yield strength.

We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on our complete line of Sharps bolt and bolt carrier products.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

If any Relia-Bolt™ is found to have defects in materials or workmanship, SRC will repair or replace it at no charge.

Technical Data

  • Bolt: S7 Tool steel, shot peened and DLC coated (U.S. Patent No. 9,863,729)
  • Extractor: 4340 Steel, Manganese Phosphate coated
  • Ejector: S7, shot peened and Manganese Phosphate coated
  • Extractor Pin: S7, shot peened and Manganese Phosphate coated
  • Mil-Spec Extractor and Ejector Springs, Gas Rings
  • Batch MPI and HPT tested
  • Tensile strengths of 1550-1600 mpa, or 220,000-235,000 psi.
  • Toughness of over 200 ft./lb. Charpy C-Notch
  • HRC of 46 yields a 15% increase in hardness at the same toughness comparing to Carpenter 158 & 9310

Technical Data on DLC Coating

  • Coating thickness: 2 – 4 μm (Micro Meter) or 2-4 μ (Microns)
  • Hardness HV 0.05: 2000 – 2800 or 80+ HRC
  • Deposition method: PVD UBM/PACVD
  • Friction vs. steel, dry: 0.1
  • Color: Carbon Black
100% Compatibility
XPB is drop-in compatible with all existing .223/5.56 variant parts groups and bolt carriers; no modifications or tools are necessary for installation.

Additional information

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26 reviews for Sharps Xtreme Performance Bolt (Relia-Bolt™) in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)

  1. Lee Waller (verified owner)

    Shipped fast and arrived as advertised! Purchased as a spare but don’t really think I will ever need to use it in my XPB Carrier Group. I am thinking about using it in another BCG. Quality parts!! Very pleased!!

  2. George Hettinger (verified owner)

    The reliabolt has been our go to bolt for most of our higher line builds. We were really excited that the XPB Bolt was now offered. I think this will replace the reliabolt with the DLC coating in the XPB Bolt. Thanks again SRC.

    George H
    Man O War Precision Arms LLC

  3. JD (verified owner)

    Great quality Bolt, be nice to have a XPB Carrier to match but all in all very impress so far with quality and performance. Thanks SRCARMS”)

  4. Shooting in Texas (verified owner)

    The reliable is just as the name implies. Put it in my bolt carrier and functioned flawlessly. It was easy to clean as well.

  5. (verified owner)

    Top notch! Don’t hesitate to get one…can’t go wrong with the relia-bolt.

  6. Kevin (verified owner)

    I installed this into an old BCG and it so smooth when I pull the charging handle and slowly let the BCG go home; it doesn’t hitch when the bolt hits the barrel extention and rotates in.

  7. David (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased 7 of these bolts in np3 finish so I just purchased one ln the new finish and I like it just just as much as that np3 finish you can’t beat the quality of these bolts for a lifetime guaranteed they are definitely well worth the money I definitely will be buying more I have one complete bolt carrier group when the funds lets me I’m going to get a couple more bolt carrier group Sharp’s has pretty fast shipping to thank you

  8. Craig Cheney (verified owner)

    I am slowly converting all of my AR platforms from mil-spec bolts to Relia-Bolts. I have never encountered any failures with the Sharp’s bolt design and I am impressed that the bolt design is well thought out and superbly executed. Nice work team!

  9. Dan (verified owner)

    Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?
    What a great idea and the quality is remarkable.
    You get what you pay for and it looks like I have gotten a part I will not have to worry about.
    Thank You

  10. Paul S. (verified owner)

    500 rounds in my suppressed SBR so far and it works like a champ in my Bootleg adjustable carrier. Finish is slick. Cleans easily(even on the tail). Ordered on a Friday morning and it arrived Monday. I had to call it in because of internet order issues but no big deal. Excellent, friendly, people. Fast service and a great product. I’m going to bear down on it and run it dirty in my next class. I am pleased so far.

  11. kythe stillwell (verified owner)

    As advertised, this bolt excels. Great product!

  12. Jonathan Lono (verified owner)

    A++ bolt for my AR15- at a Awesome price! Will return for more, thanks for being perfect!!

  13. Kash (verified owner)

    Parts were delivered in a timely manner. The part was shipped with care and is well protected. Fits into my rifle perfectly. Haven’t shot yet, but function check seems good.

  14. yu ng (verified owner)

    Exceptional quality.

  15. jeffry (verified owner)

    ran it on my buddy’s full auto lower, ran flawlessly. Great bolt

  16. MichaelinPA (verified owner)

    if the price was normally $40 you would never have any in stock and everyone’s AR would never fail!

  17. Alan (verified owner)

    I ordered and quickly received a DLC coated bolt. The product has smooth finish and looks to be well machined. Thank you for giving consumers a stronger bolt without having to pay LMT enhanced bolt prices. If you get bored a 6.5 Grendel bolt would be nice. 😉

  18. Stephen Gianoplus (verified owner)

    Was happy with the XPB and wanted a spare bolt of good quality.

  19. William Wheeler (verified owner)

    Broke within first 30 rounds will be returning product

  20. Kurt West (verified owner)

    It seems to operate seemlessly, my original bolt would hang up. Thank you for making a fine product.

  21. Derek (verified owner)

    Very nice product!

  22. sannara lek (verified owner)

    I ordered a XPB bolt to pair with my new carrier, fired it the first time this weekend 3·10·18 and they both performed without a problem.

  23. John Pierce (verified owner)

  24. Jose (verified owner)

    The bolt is my third product a bought from sharps. All excellent and were exactly as described. I purchased them due to them been construed out of S7 steel and for the DLC coating. Was very easy to clean after a day at the range.

  25. Graham Adler (verified owner)

    SRC products are good quality and I have not been disappointed.

  26. Sam (verified owner)

    I was havinheg troubles and I thought it might have been t new bolt. I called and spoke with Eric and he brought up several good ides that lead me to the solution , a muffed up rifle tube and with the grip the extreme bolt had it was quite a battle. bottom line I now have a 223/556 with a 24 inch barrel and the smoothest working BCG in the county. I hope your business grows and grows because your service and knowledge saved my bacon!

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