Sharps Xtreme Performance Bolt (XPB) Carrier Group Complete in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)


Sharps Xtreme Performance Bolt (XPB) Carrier Group Complete in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)

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The Sharps Xtreme Performance Bolt (XPB) Carrier Group Complete is comprised of our patented Relia-bolt, and our Balanced Bolt Carrier.  Both Balanced Carrier and Relia-Bolt are coated in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Coating.

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The Sharps Xtreme Performance Bolt (XPB) Carrier Group Complete is comprised of our patented Relia-Bolt™  and our Balanced Bolt Carrier.  Both are machined out of S7 tool steel. The XPB undergoes a 24-hour thermal cycle proprietary heat treatment, and is finished with the DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Coating.  The XPB carrier displays the SRC logo machine cut and is visible when the ejection port door is open. The XPB fits standard AR-15/M16/M4 rifles chambered in .223/5.56, Sharps 25-45, and 300 Blackout calibers. Weight: 11.2 oz

 Color: Carrier and Bolt DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Black

We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on our complete line of Sharps bolt and bolt carrier products.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

If any Relia-Bolt™ is found to have defects in materials or workmanship, SRC will repair or replace it at no charge.

Technical Data:

Bolt and carrier: S7 tool steel, shot peened and DLC coated (U.S. Patent No. 9,863,729)
Gas key: 4130 Steel. attached with Grade 8 hardware, properly staked and DLC coated.
Cam pin: 4340 Steel, Manganese Phosphate coated
Firing pin: Mil spec made of 8740 Steel, center-less ground, and Hard Chrome coated.
Extractor: 4340 Steel, Manganese Phosphate coated
Ejector: S7, shot peened and Manganese Phosphate coated
Extractor pin: S7, shot peened and Manganese Phosphate coated
Mil-Spec Extractor and Ejector springs, Firing pin retaining pin, Gas Rings

Batch MPI and HPT tested
Tensile Strengths of 1550-1600 mpa, or 220,000-235,000 psi.
Toughness over 200ft/lb Charpy C-Notch
HRC of 46 yields a 15% increase in hardness at the same toughness comparing to Carpenter 158 & 9310.

Technical Data on DLC Coating

Coating thickness: 2-4 Microns
Hardness HV 0.05: HRC 80+
Deposition methid: PVD UBM/PACVD
Friction vs Steel, dry 0.1
Color: Black

Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 11.20 oz

35 reviews for Sharps Xtreme Performance Bolt (XPB) Carrier Group Complete in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)

  1. Jose Santiaguel (verified owner)

    The best ever bolt carrier I ever bought. I hope you guys will make a bolt carrier for 308.

  2. Dorian Miller (verified owner)

  3. Raymond (verified owner)

    Awesome looking product had the opportunity to fire my .300 blackout Springfield Saint pistol with the new bolt and just an amazing product. Very easy to clean thanks guys

  4. James (verified owner)

    Sharps has absolutely the best bolt of many that I have tried from different manufacturers, on bolt carriers you get what you pay for and sharps you get alot of quality for the price. It’s not my first from them and it won’t be the last. Thanks again

  5. Maverick (verified owner)

    Recently purchased this BCG. I am very happy with the quality of the product. Would buy again and recommend to friends.

  6. Merickwise (verified owner)

    I have had flawless operation with the first XPB BCG that I purchased. Cleaning is fast and easy even with the dirtiest of ammo. Requires only the slightest amount of lubrication and I have not seen any ware. I feel so good about this bcg that when I sat down to build my wife an AR I knew this was one of the parts that would be in it.

  7. J W (verified owner)

    Slick, Clean, Excellent

  8. Peter Brandt (verified owner)

    Received my order very quickly and in perfect condition the coating is so smooth have put about 100 rounds thru it cycles great . So far so good

  9. Eddie (verified owner)

    Love this BCG.

  10. MattyAZ (verified owner)

    This BCG lives up to its reputation. Not one single misfire or extraction. Recoil seems a bit less as well, but could be me. Ran 120 rounds straight with a binary trigger. No issues. Cleanup was a breeze. Tiny bit of solvent on a rag and some wiping cleans it right up. Will definitely buy again for other ARs.

  11. Albert Egreczky (verified owner)

    Bolt carrier received in a timely manner. Quality and workmanship is excellent. Works great in my AR-15. Met all my expectations.

  12. Erik (verified owner)

    Slick as snot first of all. Second the bolt is a nice upgrade to the DI AR’s.

  13. Zachary Barker (verified owner)

    So far so good, but haven’t got to put it to the test as it is for a new build that isn’t complete yet.

  14. Victor Vargas (verified owner)

    XPB BCG looks amazing and works great. Extremely satisfied, will definitely be use more XPB BCG in future builds

  15. Joseph R. (verified owner)

    Received this bolt carrier group quickly and once I opened it the fit and finish is great. Performs wonderfully and look forward to using these bcgs for all future builds. If you’re considering this item, you won’t be disappointed.

  16. Tino Saenz-Diez (verified owner)

    Excellent Quality and Great Customer Service

  17. Demetrios Logan (verified owner)

    Ordering process was smooth, shipping was fast and product is superb!

  18. Anthony Jackson (verified owner)

    Always fast shipping, on the best BCG for me.
    Thanks again.

  19. Larry Sartin (verified owner)


  20. brian tran (verified owner)

  21. William (verified owner)

    Very nice for the money. Hell, pretty nice period. cycles very smooth.

  22. Steve Broom (verified owner)

  23. Frederick Bryant (verified owner)

    I purchased a XPB carrier group from Sharps and checked the headspace in it. Everything was great. The DLC was slick to the hand and it ran flawlessly with the 500 rounds I put down range after checking the headspace. I’m very pleased with the overall performance and extremely pleased with the fast shipping to my home. Sharps, I’ll be purchasing another soon. Thanks

  24. Robert Binnion (verified owner)

    I’ve always purchased the cheapest BCG I could get. I mean mil-spec is all the same right? Sharps has changed my thinking, they have built the better mouse trap. I usually put my money into the barrel and trigger group. This BCG completes the the firing line. This is more than an upgrade. It is a necessity

  25. JR (verified owner)

    Skip the fancy names. You want an amazing BCG, look no further. This BCG runs like it was born in my rifle.

  26. ABEL RAMIREZ (verified owner)

    I just received this bolt less then a week ago to finish my SPR. THIS BOLT HAS A GREAT FINISH. I have not took it to the range but after all my reach I feel confident it will be the best I’ve owned. Shipping took longer then expected but it is the time of the holidays and I’ll blame it on that. Over all I am happy with the service from SRC.

  27. Aric Jester (verified owner)

    I purchase another bcg and love it. Thanks for continuing to male such great quality items.

  28. Steve-o

    Purchased my bcg through a different retailer since it was on sale. Im currently trying to track down another. These bcg’s are a must for me now. The entire bolt has been reinvented by these guys. No need to spend 300+ dollars on high end bcgs. The price point on these sharps bcgs is surprisingly low considering the quality and craftsmanship that goes into them.

  29. Luis Orti mz (verified owner)

    I really love the performance of this bolt carrier group. I would definitely buy another. Maybe in fde or nickel boron next time. 👍

  30. Kennedy (verified owner)

    Finally I cleaned my rifle after 3000 rounds (Not shooting at the same time). Every-time I fired that weapon the bolt performed awesome. I have couple of the DLC bolt carriers and I love it. I cleaned the bolt and it looks like the day I bought it. Wow!!!

  31. taxguypro (verified owner)

    First complete BCG I bought several years ago was NP3 coated then, with logo and bucking bronco stamped on the front most part of the viewable part of the BCG, wished SRC still did that! Of course that made my plain Jane AR 15 look cool, the BCG made it a new gun! I have now purchased several for rebuilds and new build rifles. I keep coming back I have to admit I have tried other, most of them end up in the parts box others are ok enough to put the Relia Bolt in. Others may have the DLC on their BCG but they are not as finely finished and balanced like a full blown SRC BCG in DLC or the Nickel Boron BCG , that looks real nice in my new heavy stainless steal 18 in barrel build I am just completing.

  32. Peter Marcos

    Having bought a Reli-Bolt a month ago with zero issues, that’s full auto, multiple mag dumps, figured its time to try the carrier, (ordered it Friday & got it Monday) I beat the BCG with about 1000 rds w/o a single problem, I can say this is my go-to bolt carrier for all my builds. GREAT Product SRC!!
    Thanks again Kim, you are the best.

  33. John (verified owner)

    Best BCG I ever purchased! Got this for my light weight 20” build. Got two AR-10’s to build so I will be using your products from here on out. I was a cnc machinist for 20 years and held tol. of +/- .00025 for all that time and even in microns with chilled coolant machines on special occasions. I know quality when I hold it in my hands! Yes I know you had a problem with the heat treatment with one batch of bolts way back when, but what company doesn’t have problems at least once? That’s how you grow and learn. Keep up the good work!

  34. Alex (verified owner)

    I did a lot of research on different company’s and different bcg’s during which I ran across the sharps bcg and I’ll say that I am extremely impressed these are some amazing bcg’s I feel as if you could buy a cheaper ar15 and replace the bcg with one of these bcg’s and you’d have a mid rate rifle just by swapping to this bcg

  35. Roger (verified owner)

    Just got my Sharp BGC in DLC & went straight to the range this past weekend. After lightly oiling, the very first round jammed. After clearing I put 300 rounds through without any further issues. This BCG performed flawlessly, you instantly feel the reduced recoil. I have no doubts it will continue to perform as expected, will definitely recommend.

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